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Tom Handy

Plattsburgh, NY: Facing overwhelming migrant crisis after US-Canada deal?

Migrants from 2017 in CanadaPhoto byTwitter

With the recent trip of the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada talked about the migrant crisis last week, a city in New York may feel the after-effects of this deal.

You may have seen 82 migrants were flown back to Texas after President Joe Biden’s visit, but Plattsburgh may get overwhelmed as migrants can no longer use an entryway into Canada.

Michael Cashman, Plattsburgh's town supervisor said:

"It could be a final destination for some if they get into Plattsburgh and they realize that they can't go any further."

In the deal the President made with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the number of migrants who can go to Ottawa, Canada is limited to 15,000 mentioned in detail here.

Canada has seen a record number of migrants crossing its own southern border increase over the past year.

As New York City Mayor Eric Adams, has pleaded for funds from the Biden administration and New York Governor Kathy Hochul, Plattsburgh Mayor Christopher C. Rosenquest may end up doing the same.

According to its 2020 census, Plattsburgh is much smaller than New York City. The northern city has a population just shy of 20,000 with about 19,841 residents. An increase in migrants will surely overwhelm this small city.

Plattsburgh has a Salvation Army, United Way, and other non-profit facilities. But there are not a lot of facilities for the homeless.

Resident Brianna Guerin said:

“There’s not a lot of places out there.”
“I’ve been to hotel and hotel then they put me in a cockroach place. I had to find a place because I was pregnant and I wanted my daughter to be in a good environment.”

Do you think Governor Hochul will provide support to Plattsburgh if it gets overwhelmed?

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