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Tom Handy

American taxpayers foot the bill for $150 Billion supporting illegal aliens entering the US

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A recent report came out and stated Americans are paying $150 billion to support illegal aliens that come to the country. The report came from the Fiscal Bureau of Illegal Immigration dated 2023.

This number is more than the annual gross domestic product (GDP) for 15 States combined.

Each American pays about $956 or $1,156 before taxes for each illegal alien that comes to the country.

Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Representative Mark Green (R-Tennessee), said the Biden administration is “making families pick up the tab for this historic influx of illegal aliens.”

“Hardworking Americans across the country should not have to pay for President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas’ refusal to secure our Southwest border.”

As border States work to limit illegal aliens from crossing the border, this puts a strain on the government, US Customs and Border Patrol, and the National Guard.

President Joe Biden implemented policies this year to allow migrants to legally apply and request asylum but many enter the country as illegal aliens as they skirt law enforcement.

Then in May, Title 42 is expected to end and this could cause an influx of migrants to attempt to cross the border as some are doing now in cities such as El Paso.

Governors such as Greg Abbott and Katie Hobbs are implementing their own system to protect residents and then provide transportation for those who legally cross the border. Abbott has bussed migrants to Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Governor Hobbs is giving migrants a choice on where they want to finish their travel.

With President Biden more than halfway through his term, the question is will his immigration policies work and at what cost to American taxpayers?

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