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Tom Handy

Governor Kathy Hochul Provides Mayor Adams $1 Billion to Support Migrants

Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy HochulPhoto byTwitter

Governor Kathy Hochul gave her state budget and recently it was announced that a portion was allocated to fund migrants in New York City. Hochul plans to provide $1.1 billion to provide support for migrants, many of who came from Texas.

This is still far short of the billions Mayor Eric Adams needed.

The Hochul administration said that approximately 900 National Guard were called to support migrants and get them into temporary shelters.

Despite the costs, Governor Hochul has asked the Biden administration for financial support.

“The federal government does need to step up and help the states like New York and help New York City. I’ve been in lockstep with Mayor Adams from the beginning that the federal government needs to address this.”

Senator Peter Oberacker, R-Otsego County mentioned this was a missed opportunity for Governor Hochul.

Oberacker said:

“Perhaps we wouldn’t have to cut this program or that program if we could retain some of the money wasted through fraud.”

As Mayor Eric Adams has opened numerous shelters and emergency response centers, he has his critics.

New York City Council Member Shahana Hanif, chair of the Immigration Committee said:

“I’m not saying that this moment that what we’re experiencing right now isn’t a challenge. It is a challenge. But this isn’t a moment to say, ‘OK, let’s circumvent what we have administered in the city for decades now, the city's right to shelter mandate, and warehouse people in facilities that have no space between them.’”

Mayor Adams was recently encouraging others to help out migrants:

Do you think the budget to spend money on migrants is needed?

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