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Tom Handy

Mayor Adams Wanted to Prove the Shelter was Fine For Migrants By Doing This

Mayor Eric Adams sleeping at the shelterPhoto byTwitter

Recently, migrants refused to sleep in the city-provided shelter. Some decided to live on the street instead. New York City Mayor Eric Adams wanted to prove to them there was nothing wrong with the shelter.

Mayor Adams spent Friday night at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to show there was nothing wrong with the facility.

On Saturday, Mayor Adams tweeted:

"Spent the coldest night of the year at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal with ‘Homeless Hero’ and advocate Shams DaBaron & @AMEddieGibbs. Our brothers are being kept warm and the team working here is giving new meaning to the words 'love thy neighbor.'"
Photo byTwitter

Friday was one of the coldest nights so far this year and the mayor showed them it was fine. Several migrants complained the facility was cold and that there weren’t enough bathrooms that you can read here.

Adams wanted to prove that the shelter was warm on the cold night.

The mayor added:

"What we saw is what we have seen since the beginning of this crisis: individuals who are grateful to the greatest city in the world for providing them the opportunity to work toward the American Dream. I'd like to be clear that the facilities at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal are providing the same services to asylum seekers as every other humanitarian relief center in the city, and the team at the terminal is giving new meaning to the words ‘love thy neighbor."

Mayor Adams also played a World Cup video game with one of the migrants at the shelter.

You can see some video clips of Mayor Adams at the shelter.

Do you think this was an effective PR stunt by Mayor Adams?

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