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Tom Handy

Denver Spent $500K to Bus Migrants Out of State

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On Sunday, January 15, Denver received 42 migrants who arrived overnight. Though the number of migrants arriving is slowing down, the city has bussed migrants to other cities.

This helps offset the number of migrants in the city.

Denver has been struggling with the number of migrants in the city.

Then the idea of Governor Jared Polis to bus migrants to New York City and Chicago changed recently as Mayors Eric Adams and Lori Lightfoot convinced the governor this wasn’t a good idea.

It was reported that Denver spent $492,000 on bus tickets to send migrants to other cities. Some cities include New York City, Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta. Denver used general fund money to pay for the bus tickets but they are working on getting money from the federal government to offset the cost.

Last month, Denver bussed migrants to the following cities:

  • 399 migrants to Chicago
  • 345 to New York City
  • 122 to Atlanta
  • 95 to Miami and Orlando
  • 68 to Dallas

It is expected Denver will continue to bus migrants to other cities as migrants will continue crossing the southern border. Cities such as El Paso will likely continue bussing migrants to Denver.

With President Biden’s immigration idea, 30,000 migrants a month are legally allowed to cross the border. Then with the app, this will make the process easier.

With migrants leaving, the city has closed down one of its emergency shelters.

Mayor Michael Hancock will not have as many issues to worry about as migrants are bussed to other locations.

Do you think this was a good idea for Denver to bus migrants to their desired location?

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