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Tom Handy

Mayor Eric Adams Visits El Paso Texas to Get Eyes on the Migrant Crisis

Mayor Eric Adams and migrants in El Paso, TexasPhoto byTwitter

On Saturday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams flew into El Paso, Texas to get eyes on the migrant situation. He wanted to see the situation for himself. This also comes months after Texas Governor Greg Abbott welcomed him and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to visit the border state.

Few details about his trip have surfaced but the mayor is expected to be in El Paso for a day, arrive Saturday and then leave Sunday.

Mayor Adam’s office said that he will be:

“making multiple stops at and near the U.S. southern border.”

It is likely the mayor will visit El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser and also some shelters where migrants are staying.

El Paso County Judge Richard Samaniego said:

"He knows the numbers are down but when the numbers go up the chances are that a lot of the migrants are going to want to go to New York and the bigger cities.”

The mayor has mentioned that the city is financially struggling to handle the migrants who have arrived over the past year.

On Friday, Mayor Adams was on the Caribbean Power Jam’s “The Reset Show” and said:

“Our price tag could be anywhere from $1.5 to $2 billion. That’s the price tag that we are facing. Where does that money come from? That money comes from our schools, it comes from our public safety, our hospitals, our infrastructure, our ACS services. Those are our tax dollars that it’s coming from.”

When the White House told Mayor Adams that the priority of their funding will go to border cities and not New York, the mayor said:

“That is just inhumane on the part of the national government and I really believe it’s irresponsible that we have not had a real national response to what’s happening at our border.”

On Friday, Mayor Adams wrote a letter requesting aid from the state. He wrote:

“The absence of sorely needed federal immigration reform should not mean that this humanitarian crisis falls only on the shoulders of cities. We need support and aid from our federal and state partners and look forward to working together to meet this crisis head-on.”

The mayor is expected to return to New York today, and it’s likely he’ll give a press conference on his trip to El Paso.

Do you think Mayor Adams’ trip to El Paso accomplished anything?

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