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Tom Handy

Mayor Adams was Given a Positive Decision From Colorado's Democratic Governor About Migrants

Mayor Eric Adams and Colorado Governor Jared PolisPhoto byTwitter

Mayor Eric Adams has one less issue to worry about as the second week of the year starts. Last week, he was worried that Colorado was going to be another problem for him as the city manages the 16,000 migrants who arrived. Governor Jared Polis was planning to bus migrants to New York City but has changed his mind.

The complaints from Mayor Adams and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot helped the Democratic Governor change his decision. Colorado is not a sanctuary state so Governor Polis will have to either manage the migrants who arrived or help them as best as he can.

It was only a few days ago that Mayor Adams expressed his concern and anger at Governor Polis over a radio interview on “Sid & Friends in the Morning”. Colorado has received migrants primarily from El Paso, Texas which has received a large number of migrants over the past few weeks and most of the last year.

Yesterday, President Joe Biden made his first official visit to a border city, El Paso, during his time as president.

Now that Mayor Adams doesn’t have to worry about Colorado sending more migrants to New York City, now he can focus on the current migrants he has.

Recently, one of the city’s identified shelters, Stewart Hotel, told migrants “The shelter is at full capacity.”

New York has four identified migrant shelters. Mayor Adams may have to reopen tent city that he closed down as the number of migrants decreased last November. Tent city was located on Randall’s Island and cost taxpayers about $325,000.

With Title 42 on hold, this gives Mayor Adams some time to prepare for a possible big increase in migrants. Title 42 is a COVID-era policy that prevents from migrants entering the United States. The Supreme Court delayed ending the policy last month and will reconsider its future in the next two months.

Recently, the White House told Mayor Adams he was denied getting his $1 billion request to help support migrants.

What do you think Mayor Adams will do next?

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