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Tom Handy

Chicago Officials are Furious at Mayor Lightfoot and Her Actions

Mayor Lori LightfootPhoto byTwitter

After announcing asking for $53.5 million, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is angering some political representatives. They wonder if there will be more financial requests to help migrants bussed in from Texas.

On December 29, Mayor Lightfoot asked for $53.5 million to help support migrants. The city of Chicago was overwhelmed as Texas Governor Abbott began busing them to the city in September.

Former challenger for Chicago Mayor, State Representative La Shawn Ford, said the city “cannot ignore the mayor’s request”. He added that it would make sense to ask the federal government for assistance.

Ford believes that said he doesn’t think the mayor thought through how migrants would have on the city.

“There should’ve always been the understanding that there’s going to be a cost to it, and I think that may have been ignored.”

Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez said the Chicago City Council’s Latino Caucus will encourage the city to reach out for federal assistance.

“If we continue to see an influx of migrants — as is expected — what do we do? The response, as it is, is inadequate.”

Mayor Lightfoot has not declared a State of Emergency which would open up more funds and support for the city. Other cities have made the declaration including New York City, Washington, D.C. Denver, and El Paso.

Ford said:

“Anytime you are asking for this type of money, you have to talk to the mayor and find out exactly how long does the ($54 million) last? Do we have a plan to get federal funds to deal with this federal problem? I think that meeting with the president and the congressional delegation should be in order.”

The money Mayor Lightfoot requested is expected to only last through June this year.

Alderman Jeanette Taylor said:

“I don’t feel like it’s fair. They just pulled this in September and October without having [a] conversation with me or the people I represent. And then to have this meeting during Christmas break, when a lot of people are still out. It’s not being transparent.”
“We’re in a very difficult time right now, especially when it comes to Black and Brown solidarity. This just hurts even more.”
“If they don’t move the January 6 date back, when my community is outside protesting, I’ll be right out there with them.”

A local school used as a temporary shelter

Then this week, a local school may be used as a temporary shelter to house migrants. City officials are looking at Woodlawn Elementary School to house migrants. The school is located at 6420 S. University Avenue.

The school use has already drawn protests from the community.

The school also falls under Alderman Taylor’s area.

Taylor said:

"The community plans to protest, and I plan to stand with them."
"To put them in my part of the ward that doesn’t have that support for them, it doesn’t make sense."

He believes residents worry about their safety if migrants are housed at the school.

Previously, the administration denied using the school to house migrants back in October.

Do you worry about migrants staying at Woodlawn Elementary School?

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