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Tom Handy

One Texas City is Struggling to Handle Migrants

Texas National Guard arriving in El PasoPhoto byTwitter

The city is right along the border with Mexico so it sees 1,000s of migrants a day. With Title 42 in place and support from Governor Greg Abbott, the numbers have slowed down a little.

El Paso is a welcoming community but its internal infrastructure has reached its limits.

Last week, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser declared a State of Emergency. He expected the end of Title 42 would overwhelm the city. But since Title 42 is in limbo, this is a waiting game for migrants as well as city officials.

President Joe Biden asked to extend Title 42 until after Christmas. On December 19, Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts wanted to continue running this Trump-era policy.

What is El Paso doing

Over the past few months, El Paso was bussing migrants to cities such as Chicago and New York City. If Title 42 ends, it is likely the city will continue bussing migrants to these and other destinations.

The shelters in the city are at full capacity and some are over the limit.

To house the migrants, the city is working with El Paso Independent School District and using vacant schools.

On December 23, migrants will temporarily stay at Bassett Middle School. According to KFOX 14, priority is given to women and children.

Then next week, migrants will be temporarily housed at Morehead Middle School.

What is Governor Abbott doing

After Mayor Leeser declared a State of Emergency as he fear the end of Title 42 would overwhelm the city. This brought in more resources and funds.

One resource is the Texas National Guard. The military has lined up concertina wire which prevents migrants from easily crossing over the border.

Here is a clip showing the National Guard and wire.

What do you think about the migrant crisis?

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