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Tom Handy

Texas Bussed Migrants to New York City and Expects a $6 Billion Bill

New York City Mayor Adams and Texas migrantsPhoto byYouTube and Twitter

El Paso Texas was giving free bus rides to migrants who wanted to go to Chicago and New York City. So, this week more migrants left Texas on Monday and are expected to arrive in New York.

The Texas city migrant tracker has bussed 10,713 migrants to New York City. Mayor Adams previously reported the city would spend $2 billion this year supporting migrants.

Adams has facilitated the construction of tent city, and negotiated for the use of cruise ships and local hotels to house migrants. Tent city was closed down at the cost of about $325,000 but will likely open if migrants continue arriving.

The New York City Comptroller released a report that New York City will spend $6 billion to support migrants for the next four years.

On Monday, Mayor Adams mentioned New York and other cities need assistance as he told reporters:

"I've never been more frustrated now. This is a national problem. El Paso shouldn't be going through this. Chicago shouldn't be going through this. Washington, Houston, cities should not be carrying the weight of a national problem. This is unfair to all of our cities to have to go through this without any help from the national government and the state government. And so we are building out that which is within our span of control, but we need help from the federal and state government to assist us."

Then recently, a second migrant committed suicide and the mayor has yet to comment on this tragedy. The migrant was 26 years and from Venezuela. Migrants have had a hard time transitioning as they wait in long lines for service and also handle the cold New York weather.

Mayor Adams believes the city could see up to 1,000 migrants a week arrive from Texas.

With Title 42 in limbo after the Supreme Court delayed ending the Trump policy, there is a chance this COVID policy will remain in effect as the Biden administration works out the way ahead. President Biden asked the Supreme Court to wait until after Christmas before ending the policy.

Are you happy New York is spending this money on migrants?

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