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Tom Handy

Mayor Adams’ Failed Migrant Tent Cost TaxPayers Over $325,000

Mayor Eric Adams closing down tent cityScreenshot from Twitter

Since Texas Governor Greg Abbott started bussing migrants to New York City on August 1 this year, New York was overwhelmed. The number of migrants was too much for the city to manage. So, Mayor Eric Adams decided to close the migrant shelter after a little over a month.

The tent was located on Randall’s Island and is scheduled to close next Wednesday, November 16. As soon as the tent was erected, the number of migrants started to decrease.

President Joe Biden initiated an Executive Order that forbids Venezuelan migrants from crossing the Texas-Mexico border. As soon as that happened, the number of migrants entering cities such as El Paso started to decrease.

An email that The New York Post obtained that was directed to city council said:

“This site was always intended to be temporary-and the City believes that the Watson Hotel HERRC is the most effective and efficient option for single adult men.”

Starting Monday, they will direct the men already at the shelter to the Watson Hotel in Manhattan.

The hotel has 600 rooms where migrant men will be offered services such as food, shelter, medical care, and case workers.

Mayor Adams said in a statement:

“We continue to welcome asylum seekers arriving in New York City with compassion and care. This Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center will provide asylum seekers with a place to stay, access support, and get to their final destination.”
“We will continue to pivot and shift as necessary to deal with this humanitarian crisis, but it’s clear that we still need financial assistance from our state and federal partners.”

The mayor said the city is caring for 17,500 migrants.

It was just about a month ago, that Mayor Adams declared a State of Emergency over the influx of migrants in the city.

How do you feel about the shelter getting shut down?

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