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Tom Handy

Google Maps Calls New York’s Tent City - Adams Tent City

New York Tent CityScreenshot from Twitter

Tent City opened in New York on Wednesday morning for two male migrants who were brought in by three vans. It wasn’t known where the others were. The tents will only house single male occupants.

There are a total of three tents ready to be filled.

The occupants were greeted by Mayor Eric Adams.

Tent City is only expected to fold migrants for four days but they are allowed to stay longer if needed. The City’s homeless shelters are currently full.

Each tent can hold 500 people but with increased capacity can hold 1,000 people at once on cots.

The United Bodegas of American spokesman Fernando Mateo said 15,000 store owners who make up his group “have the capacity to hire these people” and they were eager to do so.

If the migrants start working that could help reduce their stay in tent city.

Mateo said:

“These migrants are coming here and fleeing their countries because they need to survive.”
“They don’t want handouts. They want to work and support their families.”
“We in the business community need to open our doors and allow them to work, so the taxpayers don’t have to pay to support them.”
“We need the Biden administration to allow them to get work permits. We need to do that now. Eric Adams can’t do this alone.”

Migrants were first bussed to New york by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on August 1. Since then, El Paso, Texas Mayor Oscar Lesser also bussed migrants to the city as some areas were seeing close to 1,000 people cross the Texas-Mexican border a day.

Governor Abbott offered Mayor Adams and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser a visit to see what he was dealing with. Both refused the offer but Adams sent a delegation to Texas and gather some information.

Adams Tent City
Adams Tent CityScreenshot from Twitter

A Google engineer labeled the humanitarian tent city as Adams Tent City. If this will be changed to the correct term, Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center will have to be seen.

Google Maps simply called it Adams Tent City.

Migrants will be served three meals a day, and have access to big-screen TVs, video games, and laundry machines.

Do you think migrants are treated well?

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