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This is the Best Day to Fill Up Your Car With Gas to Save Money

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There is a system to find the best days to fill up your car on gas.

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After filling up my car this morning, I realized today was the worst day to fill your car with gas in El Paso. Today is Friday and GasBuddy said today is the worst day to fill up your car.

Everyone loves when gas is cheap but in the past few months, the price of gas has steadily increased. Then if you need to use premium gas, you hate the price of gas even more since you pay for a little more to run your car.

GasBuddy said the next worst day to fill your car is Saturday since the price of gas is higher. After that, Sunday is the next worst day. So the entire weekend is the worst time to fill up your car since the price of gas is the highest.

In 30 states, the first day of the Week, Monday, is the best day to fill up your car since the price of gas is the cheapest.

GasBuddy said in 2017, 2018, and 2019, Monday was the best day to buy gas. On these days, the price of gas was the lowest day of the week.

If you read Time magazine which reported that Wednesday was the best day to fill up, the information is outdated. Time magazine reported Wednesday was the best day, but they printed this information nine years ago in 2012.

The best day to fill up your car with gas has changed over the years. GasBuddy lists the cheapest places to fill up your car in El Paso.

Rudy's, Sam's Club, and Walmart are the cheapest places right now to fill up your car. The list of places always changes.

Filling up car with gasImage by Consumer Reports

The morning isn’t always the best time to fill up on gas

A few years ago, I heard a rumor that you should fill your car up in the morning. There was the belief that the rising temperature causes gas to slowly evaporate when filling up in the heat of the day.

Consumer Reports called this false.

In their article, they conducted a study that filling up a car in the morning and the afternoon did not show any noticeable difference. Most gas tanks are stored underground and in a double-layered container that keeps the gas cool. The hot sun has little effect on the gas since it’s kept in a cooler space.

Final thoughts

With more people getting their vaccine, businesses opening up, and more people are getting out of their house. This leads to more people are out driving their car.

Before you go out, make sure you try to plan your gas fill-ups to at least save some money.

As a recap, Friday is the worst day of the week to fill up your car, followed by Saturday and Sunday. The weekends are the worst day to fill up your car.

Monday is the best day of the week to fill up your car.

Of course, there will be differences some days since the price of gas always fluctuates. External factors such as pipeline ransoms, oil wars, and global influence can easily increase the price of gas overnight. 

My car uses premium gas so I am always trying to find the most affordable way to fill up my tank. I wish I would have researched this information earlier and I would have saved a couple of dollars by now.

I normally go to the nearby Speedway to fill up my car. What's the cheapest place you go to fill up your car in El Paso? Leave a comment below.

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