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    Must-Have Summer Travel Items


    Get your vacation off on the right foot by getting your hands on these wonderful travel products. All the items below easily fit into a carry-on bag, which just happens to be on the list as well.

    Please note: this author received samples to use for this article.
    Weighted eye masks for a great night's sleep.Photo

    Getting good sleep is essential when you’re traveling. Nobody wants to be sluggish while they’re trying to enjoy their vacation. Saatva has the perfect solution: silk eye masks. The masks are made with pure Mulberry silk, which helps keep your skin smooth and hydrated. The weighted eye mask reaches from your forehead to your cheekbones and is a bit larger than the non-weighted option (which is still oversized). Both come in Sand and Slate; you can’t make a bad choice.
    Perfectly sized for carry-on luggage.Photo

    Packing for a trip isn’t the most enjoyable activity. Make it easier by getting “minis” from FACTORFIVE. They have anti-aging cream, nourishing silk, regenerative serum, and eye cream. The cap twists up, so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally opening and making a mess. Best of all, their small size makes them perfect for weekend trips.
    Works great and smells wonderful.Photo

    Illness can ruin a vacation; be sure to protect yourself by using Power Mist hand sanitizers. Not only do they decrease your odds of getting sick, but they come in a variety of scents. Rainwater is my favorite; it smells amazing. They are TSA-approved, so be sure and toss one in your carry-on suitcase.
    Turn your shower into a spa-like atmosphere.Photo

    Grabbing a shower is a great way to relax after a day of fun activities. Using Herbal Zen shower steamers is a great to take a shower. You can pick from essential oil-packed blends like SleepyTime, Cold Kicker, Morning Energy. and several others. They are individually wrapped, so it’s simple to throw them in your carry-on bag.
    Enjoy the beach without damaging your hair.Photo

    Strength x Beauty has travel kits designed specifically to protect your hair during summer travel. The products are just the right size for packing in your luggage; all kits are contained in a waterproof travel bag. Formulated for a variety of hair types, you are sure to find your perfect fit. “Try me” sizes are also available at a special price.
    An easier (and safer) way to hold your phone.Photo

    Regardless of where you travel, you are going to want to take pictures and videos of your destination to relive later. Sometimes to get the perfect shot, you have to lean and twist around. The Snap 4 Luxe phone grip reduces the odds that you will drop your phone while taking pictures. It also functions as a phone stand to make viewing easier while traveling.
    Travel in style.Photo

    The “ULTI” bag will make traveling more comfortable. No other bag features a built-in pad just perfect for extended layovers and long flights. The bag checks all the boxes: beautifully styled, keeps everything organized and close at hand, and even has a pocket designed for a water bottle. You will wonder how you ever traveled without it.
    Makes long flights more comfortable.Photo

    Juvea’s travel-size pillow will be your best friend on long car rides or flights. It provides much-needed support for your head and neck. The pillow has an open-cell structure so air moves through easily making it feels cooler in the warmer months and warmer in the winter. Best of all, the pillows are organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and made in America.
    Easily check on your child.Photo

    Parents of small children will love using this versatile monitoring device while driving. The wireless camera system allows you to see what your child is doing while still looking at the road ahead. You can snap pictures and record videos to save special moments. It is easy to remove from the car, so you can use it inside your house or while visiting the homes of family and friends.

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