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Free beer for Dad on his special day

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Dad, tacos, and beer: A Father's Day trifecta
Courtesy of Bottling Department Instagram page

How about we start a new tradition this Father's Day?

Buy your dad a taco at Chilaquil, and they'll buy him a beer. 


It's doesn't get much better than that if you ask me. And I'd totally qualify, mainly because I'm a dad who loves tacos and ice-cold beer.

Look, Fathers Day is a time to show your dad how much you care, am I right? So whether it's by spending the day with him or just sending him a card and virtual hugs, make sure he knows that he is appreciated on his special day.

And don't forget about all those fathers who are single parents - they deserve some love too! And what better way to spend a day with pop than over freshly made tacos and a cold beer.

The Bar at Bottling Department has teamed up with Chilaquil to bring something new, fresh, and delicious on Father's Day.

Personally speaking, as a dad, a foodie, and a beer lover, I can attest that this is a place to be for sure.

It begins with tradition

Many families have set things they do on specific holidays. Fathers Day included. That's why The Bottling Department is such a special place.

The Bottling Department is built on the site of the original Pearl brewery's bottling department, which is literally where the first beer was bottled back in the 1800s.

Up until 1999, beer was bottled right in this very same spot. All the way up till the entire brewery closed down in 2001.

Today, The Bottling Department upholds the Pearl tradition by serving as a location for the next generation of quality beer, excellent food, and of course, for creating memories.

And now we begin a new tradition with dads.

The vibe

First of all, it's essential to know that the Bottling Department is an upscale food hall. The Bar snd the restaurant Chiliaquil are both situated inside the Bottling Department, and that's where they serve their famous drinks and Mexican food, respectively.

There is also an outdoor, walk-up style bar just in case the lines get too long for a beer and also for convenience. Either way, the service is always top-notch the staff is knowledgeable.

The indoor section is air-conditioned, so you can cool off while you order. Chances are, you're going to want to mosey on over to one of the food vendors once you go inside and get a sniff of all the incredible food offerings here. But that's for another post.
Courtesy of Bottling Department Instagram page

Today is about dad, beer, and tacos.

And speaking of that.

Here's the dad's day deal

It's short, sweet, and perfect.

The first forty customers to place a food order over $15 on Father's Day will get a free Lone Star beer courtesy of The Bar.

So let's talk tacos

I must first share that I've personally been to Chilaquil and the food here is superb.

And the taco selection? To die for.

Here's what they have on the grill.

Carne Asada, tacos al Pastor,and one of my personal favs, the Campechana.

The Campechana is loaded with grilled steak, marinated pork and is covered with melted cheese and avocado. I mean, seriously, this one is worth coming for in and of itself. And truth be told, dad may not want to leave.

Ok, so you say dad's on a vegan kick?

No problem.

The chilango feels and tastes like grandma is in the back making these herself. With nopalitos, beans, avocado, and cilantro, dad's vegan craving will undoubtedly be crushed here.
Courtesy of Chilaquil Instagram page

And by the way, there are more tacos on the menu; I just wanted to make you hungry and tease you a little.

And in case you're wondering, these two Bottling Department staples are a mere 20 steps apart.

Now let's talk beer

Whether you like a light and crisp beer, hoppy and fruity, or malty and balanced, they've got a brew for you.

One of my go-to beers for a hot Texas day is an old favorite, Pearl beer. Don't ask me why; it's just been a part of Texas summers for as long as I can recall.
Courtesy of Bottling Department Instagram page

Another crisp option is San Antonio's very own Ranger Creek. At 5.2% ABV and a great taste, this is an option that dad will undoubtedly want to consider.

For a hoppier option, I'd grab pop an Independence, Stash IPA. This Austin beer comes in at a robust 7.5% ABV and, truth be told, is one of the better brews coming out of Austin, Texas.

For dad's special day, be sure to treat dad to one of The Bar's two new brews from Vista Brewing: Grato or Flanders Fields. These beers were brewed using fresh ingredients hand-harvested straight from their farm in Vista, CA, so they're always thinking about quality first.

Why mention all these selections?

Because after dad's free Lone Star, you're likely going to stick around for seconds.

What they say

"Your hankering for guacamole knows no season. Nosh to your craving's content at Chilaquiles. The oh-so-pretty Otomi-wrapped food truck has outgrown its mobile digs and is now part of the lineup at the Bottling Department. Grab a spot on the patio to make your way through the signature dish (with options like chilachicken, chorizo and carne asada), opt for filling bowls, tortas and tacos—keto versions available—or swing by for a quick pick up of a hot pink to-go box to enjoy throughout the Pearl." -TIDBITS
Courtesy of Chilaquil Instagram page

The final word

Dad, beer, and tacos. Seriously, how can his day be any better?

See you at Chilaquil and The Bar!

Location: Bottling Department Food Hall, 312 Pearl Parkway, Building 6

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