3 Simple Ways To Tap Into An Infinite Fountain Of Creativity

Rick Martinez

And never run dry again, ever

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There are these moments where the floodgates open, and my creative side rushes out.

Like a tidal wave.

It’s a force that is unstoppable and is often where some of my most inspired pieces of writing come from. The times where my fingers seem to move across the keyboard all by themselves. Those moments where everything around me fades to black, except the glow of my laptop screen.

Then there are moments where it doesn’t even drip a drop.

I bet you know exactly what I mean, though. Right?

Creativity is a powerful thing. When we’re feeling creative, it’s usually because something has inspired us to create or do something new and different. Sometimes creativity just doesn’t happen when you need it the most, but there are ways to get those creative juices flowing. Paths that one might even say separate the professional from the dabbler.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be a pro.

So how do inspiration and creativity mesh? And more so, how do we find inspiration to create creativity? Make sense?

Inspiration is a feeling. It’s a mental stimulation that urges us to do something creative — like admiring someone spray painting an outdoor mural or picking up an intriguing book and scanning over the first few pages. It’s controllable, and it’s also creatable.

So in those moments when we seek to be inspired, here’s what to do to channel it into your best work.

Let your feelings guide you

Inspiration is a strong feeling, and we should pay absolute attention to how and what we feel. Notice how you feel when you go about your day. When you sense something sparking your creativity, you’re likely on to something.

Sometimes the most benign, robotic moments become the spark that lights the fire.

Lean into it and see what it is that the moment is trying to tell you. That’s a clue that you may want to pursue it. Something as benign as brushing your teeth, walking your dog, or the cliche one of thinking in the shower.

Those moments where we move with robotic purpose and our minds ebb and flow.

Go with it. Capture it. Write it.

Sometimes though, there’s still nothingness, and that’s when I take a break.

Take a reverse Social Media break

I take social media breaks.

In reverse.

You see, while every talking head and wanna-be Dr. Phil says we need to detox from this evil scourge, I dive in deeper. Social media may have its faults, but it can be instrumental when it comes to finding inspiration. My most favorites right now are Instagram and TikTok.

TikTok gives me 60-second snippets into a wide variety of creativity that I might not usually seek. Like comedians. Or sexy people doing stupid things. Or better yet, stupid people who think they’re sexy being funny unintentionally.

And then there’s Instagram.

This past week I noted the F1 (that’s car racing) page and how the #1 driver in the world had a mishap in the FINAL TWO laps and ended up in last place. Sheesh, if there isn’t a story there, then I don’t know what to tell you.

The trick isn’t to get sucked in for hours.

The magic is in going to social media with a mindset of inspiration-seeking.

What you seek, you find.

But even with Insta, Tik-Tok, or any other social channel, at times, it still isn’t enough.

So I do this.

Find inspiration through travel

It doesn’t need to be a long trip to some secluded island.

Remaining local and stagnant for too long can get us in a rut, but traveling local can remove us from said rut. I bet there’s somewhere within a bike ride distance or a half tank of gas away where everything changes. It could be the other side of town, or simply that museum you always wanted to see but haven’t yet.

Travel could ignite inspiration by showing us how other people live, what their day-to-day lives are like, and even what it might feel like if you were a part of it.

For example, just a few weeks from me writing this, my wife and I are headed to wine country.

No, not Napa. We’re going to Fredricksburg, Texas. It’s literally about a 90-minute drive away, and there are over a dozen “up and coming” wineries where locals and travelers can immerse themselves into…well…the Texas wine scene.

My mind is already whirring away with things we might see and stuff I can not wait to experience.

Find inspiration sightseeing local. Seek it at museums and art galleries. Go to a food truck park and nibble on creations from chefs of all types and flavors.

The point is the find that spark by NOT sitting at your desk all day.

And yet, even then, this will not be enough.

The final word

If, despite all this, it still isn’t happening, then stop.

Just stop, and step away.

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