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Fort Zion Ice Cream a Cool Treat After a Long Hike

Rene Cizio

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If you’re heading into Zion National Park, there’s a delicious little homemade ice cream shop on the way where you must stop. And face it, after a day at the park or preparing for a day at the park, you’ll need some ice cream to cool you down.

The Fort Zion shop is a combination stop especially perfect for those traveling with kids who have the energy to burn. You’ll notice it quickly from the road because of the small, fake old western town they have set up out front. There they’ve constructed a mini town great for photo ops and as a place for the kids to play. There’s also a petting farm out back and inside a large gift shop perfect for exploration.

The little old western town has a bank, a jail, a few houses and a little store all set up down the Main street for your viewing pleasure.

Amid my travels, I’ve seen many kitschy gift shops with the same old junk, but this is one of the better ones with a few unique items and reasonable prices too. But, the reason you’re stopping isn’t for the fake town, the petting farm, or the gift shop. It’s the ice cream.

Rene Cizio

Connected to the gift shop, you can walk right into the ice cream shop. I’m told they used to serve food and might again in the future, but currently, they only serve ice cream. It’s easy to find because the smell from the freshly made waffle cones is going to draw you right to them.

They handmake the waffle cones inside the little shop and the smell permeates the entire area. I didn’t even realize they had an attached ice cream shop until I asked the cashier in the gift shop what that smell was. Not one to miss out on homemade anything, I made my way over.

In the ice cream shop, there are over 20 tables, but only a few people are standing in line for ice cream. The only other thing they sell is drinks. The girl behind the counter told me they also make the ice cream. There were 16 flavors, some stand like strawberries and cream, chocolate and lemon and others like Zion Nut and Chunky Monkey Banana, which are the two scoops I got.

Rene Cizio

The waffle cone is thin and crisp, more delicate than a store-bought cone. It’s folded over perfectly at the bottom, so no ice cream drips out. Both the Zion Nut and Chunky Monkey Banana were exquisite. They were extra creamy and the perfect amount of sweetness. Both were chock full of nuts, just like I like them. The flavors were rich but not overpowering and made from natural ingredients.

I thought two scoops might be too much, but before I knew it, I was finishing my cone and enjoying the last bite of the end of the cone, which was filled with a dollop of chocolate to ensure a drip-free experience.

If you’re looking for ice cream anywhere around Zion, I highly recommend you stop by Fort Zion. You’ll thank me later.

Find Fort Zion at 1000 W. Hwy 9, Virgin, UT 84779.

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