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What a shame the world was watching America today as thugs climbed the walls of the capitol building and broke windows to get inside. All while the wheels of our democracy were turning inside. Our lawmakers were forced into hiding. Our sitting president notably absent until a propagandized, taped message seemed more to praise the folks attacking the capitol building rather to express shock or dismay at the unprecedented violence taking place.

This is because America’s sitting president got exactly what he wanted today. A show of force from his supporters. A stroke for his ego. Going out with a bang, so to speak. What a shameful disgrace to our nation’s history and constitution. But what can be done? The 25th amendment states that in times of presidential “disability” the terms of action and succession that must take place in order to restore order and leadership for our country. Are these such times?

While protesters became anarchists today, storming our nation’s capitol building, many Americans watched in shock and horror. But we were not the only ones watching. Around the world, while our Jerry Springer-esque behavior carried out in the hallowed halls of the capitol building, putting democracy in shackles, other countries looked on. You can be assured, those that wish to bring the United States of America to its knees were surely watching as well. While we showed them our weak and vulnerable underbelly and the open flesh of our nation’s neck.

We showed them how easily our capitol building could be breached. We showed them how quickly the offices of our lawmakers could be breached. We showed them how slowly our law enforcement and military personnel would roll out in defense of our capitol building. We showed them our security weaknesses on live television. Who is armed and who is not. What it takes to march right into those halls and do potentially horrific things in the very building where our lawmakers go to work and carry out the collective will of our people.

For this, and for the future of this great nation, I am overwhelmed with concern.

We also showed the world how in moments when we are pressed against a wall, democracy will fight to breathe. Our Republican and Democratic elected men and women gathered again this evening to continue the process of counting the electoral votes. No doubt many of them are frightened by what happened today, they proceed in the name of democracy. In the name of our constitution. In the name of freedom. Both Vice President Mike Pence and senate majority leader Mitch McConnel spoke vehemently against the outrageous violence and injustice of the attack upon the capitol building today, further widening the growing chasm between themselves and Donald Trump, who is now blocked on Twitter for handling today’s event by stoking the flames with more falsehoods in his Tweets. Some Republicans are now calling for the removal of Donald Trump from the office of the presidency.

Donald Trump has every right to take his arguments to the courts and present proof, evidence of his claims, but due to the lack of evidence court after court is rejecting his claims. Many of the courts contain people who voted for him or were appointed by him. While many Trump supporters are able to view this with logic, there are many folks who simply listen to what he says, believe him, and become increasingly angry. They feel their liberties are threatened. They feel outraged and unheard and they are repeatedly being called to action by a president who does not value the weight and power of his own words. The damage his words can do, we all witnessed in Washington DC on this day. The complete disregard for our nation's historical building and the Americans inside of it today negates any argument of righteous anger. This, my fellow Americans, is not the way.

May God hear our prayers for peace in our country today. May God forgive those that know not what they do. May we all remember the words of Ronald Reagan in this moment:

Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.
Ronald Reagan
Thank you for reading.

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