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Taste the Flavor of Kihei: 4 Pizza Stores That Will Blow Your Mind

In this article, we'll be exploring four exceptional pizza stores in Kihei. Have you had the chance to visit any of them? If you have, we'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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1. Pizza Madness Maui
  • Address: 1455 S Kihei Rd Ste 2, Kihei, HI 96753
  • Phone: (808) 270-9888
  • Desc: Pizza, Sandwiches

Pizza Madness Maui is a beloved local spot known for its generous portions, diverse menu, and welcoming atmosphere. This pizza haven offers a wide variety of pies, from classic pepperoni to adventurous meat lover's, all loaded with ample toppings and served hot. The venue is also appreciated for its salads, wings, and Philly Cheesesteak - a testament to its expansive and satisfying menu. With a friendly staff, clean environment, and a vibrant crowd of all ages, Pizza Madness Maui is a must-visit for both residents and visitors. The restaurant's unique ambiance, marked by large brass molded displays of local sea creatures, adds to its charm. Despite a slightly long wait during busy hours, the quality and taste of the food make it worth the visit.

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2. Outrigger Pizza Co 1
  • Address: 1819 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753
  • Phone: (808) 280-2985
  • Desc: Pizza restaurant, Hawaiian restaurant

Outrigger Pizza Company in Maui is a bustling, laid-back parking lot cafe known for its delicious, brick oven pizzas. Despite being frequently busy, the dedicated staff, including the accommodating and communicative Kevin, strive to provide excellent service. This spot has catered to various events, including weddings, and is a favorite among local real estate agents for their clients. While the pizza preparation may take some time and the topping distribution could be improved, the flavors are consistently praised. The cafe offers limited seating and drink options, but the quality of the pizza makes it a memorable spot for both locals and visitors.

3. South Shore Tiki Lounge
  • Address: 1913 S Kihei Rd Ste J, Kihei, HI 96753
  • Phone: (808) 874-6444
  • Desc: Pizza, Tiki Bars, Burgers

Tiki Lounge in Kihei is a vibrant hub of nightlife and a culinary delight, offering a unique blend of pizzas, such as the Jungle Garden for vegetarians and the Sweet Kalua for meat lovers. Despite occasional busy periods and limited parking, it's a popular hangout spot, known for its friendly staff, live music, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. However, the experience might vary depending on the day and staff availability. It's a place that leaves room for improvement, but one that promises a potential 5-star experience when operating at full strength. The lounge also offers a variety of other dishes and drinks, including fish and chips, cocktails, and tempura fried fish. The attached shops offer an array of souvenirs, making Tiki Lounge a must-visit when in Maui.

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4. Pennys Pizza & Pasta
  • Address: 2511 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753
  • Phone: (808) 874-7000
  • Desc: Pizza, Italian, Bars

Penny's is a delightful dining spot located close to the beaches of Kihei, offering a unique blend of Italian and Hawaiian cuisines. With a well-stocked bar and a relaxed ambiance, this restaurant is renowned for its delicious pizza, baked in a unique oven, and quality Italian dishes like Spaghettini & Meatballs. Despite some dishes being hit-or-miss, the restaurant shines with its friendly and efficient service, professional staff, and beautiful ocean views. It's a popular choice for both dine-in and takeout, and while it may not be a five-star establishment, it offers an enjoyable overall dining experience.

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So, what do you think of them? Come and choose your favorite one and have a try!
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