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San Francisco's June 15 unmasking and reopening activities include Museums for All, a park, a garden, and 1c cannabis

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Kayakers in Redwood City, California. San Francisco Bay Area Water TrailBy GalliBM

The two exceptions to the no masks necessary are on the Muni buses and trains and at 5000+ events. The Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) clarification is at the end of this article. Now let's move swiftly on to the fun stuff!

Not sure about getting vaccinated?

The 1c Cannabis with your COVID-19 Vaccine Card offer from 7 Stars Holistic Healing Centre, 3219 Pierce Street in Richmond, must be a fun offer for many people! You should have received a card when you got your first vaccine but click on the link above if you've lost it, for more instructions.

Even if you have never tried gummies or full grams of flowers or cannabis chocolate bars they are legal and will only cost 1c. Can you believe it? This campaign by 7 Stars is to encourage anybody who is hesitant about having their vaccinations.
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Museums for All

Free or reduced prices for more than 20 museums in San Francisco all year round. How cool is that? Free history and culture for everyone provide those who previously couldn't afford expensive entry tickets with access. To qualify for 4 free or reduced-price tickets per visit to fantastic art and nature exhibits San Franciscan's will need to be recipients of Medi-Cal or CalFresh.

The Asian Art Museum

Is one of the museums participating in the Museums for All inclusivity initiative. The current exhibition entitled I Look for the Sky is from Bay Area artist Zheng Chongbin. Trained in China in classical Chinese figurative painting at the China Academy of Art this artist went on to study performance, installation, and conceptual art at the San Francisco Art Institute.

I Look for the Sky invites you to bring a new awareness to your environment.

The timelapse film of the installation will stun you. It did me. This artist has lived in the Bay Area for more than three decades and has a kinship with light and space and perception. You can hear his love for his art as he speaks about the installation.

A new park and a garden

Bayview-Hunters Point

Pollution of the India Basin waterfront prevented locals from using it for years. The groundbreaking event on June 17 will kick off the restoration of three combined sites, the historic boatyard of 900 Innes and the underutilized India Basin Shoreline Park and India Basin Open Space, into one park.

Bayview-Hunters Point's groundbreaking ceremony on June 17, 2021, at India Basin Shoreline Park (Hunters Point Blvd. and Hawes) aims to restore vast swathes of tidal landscape that includes one of only a few tidal salt marsh wetlands in the city. Providing habitats for a range of shorebirds and foraging habitat for birds of prey.

Recreational opportunities will flourish with miles of rambling shoreline trails and access to fishermen and kayakers. Also a spectacular view of the bay.
India BasinBy Khusid - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0
The foreground of this image of the Hunters Point Peninsula, facing southeast, shows the area proposed to expand the India Basin Open Space parks, including 700 Innes, The Big Green, and Northside Park

Kapwa Gardens

Introduced in April 2021 as a pop-up, worked on by 350 locals throughout the pandemic, Kapwa Gardens have become permanent. Hailed as the newest attraction in San Francisco’s Filipino Cultural District, SOMA Pilipinas. "Kapwa Gardens is a colorful wonderland of living walls, Filipino food vendors, fitness classes, and live performances."

SOMA Pilipinas embraces the spirit of bayanihan: the collective determination to honor and make history, build community and progress forward. SOMA Philipinas

Upcoming events at Kapwa Gardens include Eskabo self-defence for seniors (3:45 PM 4:45 PM), just women (5:00 PM 6:00 PM) or adult (6:00 PM 7:00 PM) classes on June 25. You can bring your children on June 16th (5:00 PM 5:30 PM). Eskabo Daan Little Warriors (Batang Mandirigma) - Filipino Martial Arts for Kids (Age 4-7).

Also considered a secret oasis, you might prefer to work remotely from their gardens during the week or simply take a break.

You can find all the classes mentioned above at 967 Mission St.San Francisco. Map.

San Francisco is positively bursting with fun activities for you and your family. Enjoy!

Thanks to Johnny Funcheap's email bursting with exciting events and possibilities which I have researched and elaborated on for you.

Unmasking rules for office workers

The California Department of Industrial Relations and Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board decision to continue to enforce their current rules. They plan to discuss revisions soon, maybe as soon as June 17.

In the meantime, I asked the intelligent assistant or bot a couple of questions and it gave these responses:

The ETS requires employers to provide employees with face coverings (or reimburse employees for the cost) and ensure they are worn over the nose and mouth when indoors, and when outdoors and within 6 feet of another.

The current result of not following the above rules for employers to follow is:

From January 1, 2021, until January 1, 2023, Cal/OSHA can issue an Order Prohibiting Use (OPU) to shut down an entire worksite or a specific worksite area that exposes employees to an imminent hazard related to COVID-19.

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