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5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Minnesota

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Minnesota is not close to any ocean, but they still manage to serve fresh seafood. Minnesotans love seafood, so they fly or fresh ship seafood daily to meet the demand.

Minnesota has some of the best seafood restaurants, and here is a list in which we have recommended 5 of the best seafood restaurants that you can check out.

1. The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Oceanaire Seafood Room restaurant is the OG in the seafood game in the city of Minneapolis. The restaurant first started in Minneapolis now; it has several other branches across the country. Since then, the restaurant consistently serves the freshest and delicious seafood, which experts prepare, and presented beautifully. The Oceanaire restaurant adopted a more sustainable approach of sourcing its seafood, so it’s not harmful to marine life and ensures we can enjoy its delicacies well into the future.

2. The Angry Trout Cafe, Grand Marais, Minnesota

The Angry Trout Café is known to have the most beautiful views, and it is situated in a fantastic place in Grand Marais. The restaurant sits on a pier from where you can enjoy the view of pebble beach. The Angry Trout Cafe is famous for locally sourced fresh seafood like Lake Superior fish, like cisco, lake trout, and whitefish. The Angry Trout Cafe is a combination of new & delicious seafood. Other than the seafood, their frosty craft beers are also famous grab on and pair it with any item from the menu and enjoy the beautiful views.

3. Stella’s Fish Café & Prestige Oyster Bar, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stella’s Fish Café restaurant has a Prestige Oyster Bar, which is stocked with fresh food. This restaurant is the hippest seafood spot Located in Uptown. The multi-level restaurant has rooftop dining with urban vistas of Uptown, Downtown, and Lake Calhoun. Stella’s Fish Café restaurant serves some of the best seafood in the state. It is a pretty fun place to hang out, and they also host fun events that you will enjoy; one of them is the pre-Thanksgiving oyster-eating contest.

4. The Boat Club, Duluth, Minnesota

The Boat Club is a new restaurant, but it has made its place among the top seafood restaurants quickly. The restaurant is elegantly decorated and has a classic menu with a variety of seafood. The restaurant is famous for a dish known as Bouillabaisse, which is made out of muscles and other ingredients. This seafood spot has a uniqueness to it, and we think it is going to stick around.

5. Sea Change, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sea Change restaurant is right next to the Guthrie Theater in a beautiful space with an equally stunning view of the Mississippi River. The restaurant was the first one to adopt sustainability as its core value. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients, sourced and prepared ethically so that this resource can be enjoyed well into the future. Their food is delicious and crisp.

Minnesota has some of the best seafood restaurants that use some of the freshest locally sourced ingredients. We highly recommend Minnesota if you are a seafood lover.

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