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911 Call From Casey Anthony's Bar Fight Has Been Released to the Public

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Details about Casey Anthony's bar fight emerge

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Casey Anthony is one of many celebrity murder cases to take place here in Florida. Florida sort of has a strange bromance with killers who beat their charges. Whether it's OJ Simpson moving to Florida after getting out of prison, George Zimmerman beating his trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin (and becoming an international celebrity in all the worst ways afterward, while suing the victim's family for damages), or Casey Anthony, the woman who once stood accused in an Orlando court of killing her own three-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, Florida has no shortage of strange personalities who've been accused of murder.

Back on the 11th of December, in 2008, the remains of Casey Anthony's daughter Caylee were found in a trash bag in a wooded area of Orlando, as police investigators began to build a case against the mother, Casey, for homicide. The trial was a spectacle, one for the record books, as Casey's defense attorney alleged that Caylee died in an accidental drowning in the Anthony family pool, alleging that it was kept secret because the family was used to keeping secrets. And that's when the bombshell was dropped on everyone. The defense alleged that Casey's father had been sexually abusing her since she was a small child and thus claimed she got used to lying.

People crowded outside of the Orlando courtroom, way back in 2011, awaiting what everyone was sure was going to be a guilty verdict. But that's a verdict that never came. The jurors in the trial found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder.

Casey Anthony's name became synonymous with "child killer" thereafter in the state of Florida, even though she was found not guilty of the crime.

And you'd figure that someone in that position would just move far, far away to try and start up a new life for themselves, leaving the state they once called home for better opportunities elsewhere, without the baggage of being named Casey Anthony.

But Casey didn't. She opted to stay and moved down to South Florida, away from Orlando, but close enough that she can still be recognized whenever she goes out.

She was drinking at the bar O’Shea’s Irish Pub, in West Palm Beach, Florida, when a woman allegedly attacked her. This had been going on for a while, according to Casey, who says the woman who poured a drink on her and assaulted her, Thelma Moya, had been stalking and harassing her for a while.

TMZ uploaded a video of Casey Anthony in what's believed to be the same bar, O'Shea's Irish Pub, hanging out with other patrons, talking loudly, and drinking...you know, the kinds of things people do in Florida bars.

At some point, Casey was assaulted by Thelma and even called the cops. And now, audiotape has been released from Casey Anthony's 911 call. The fight is believed to have nothing to do with Anthony's reputation and everything to do with both women dating the same person previously, sharing the same ex.

The police came in response to the incident but Anthony refused to press charges after being told she'd be required to put a restraining order out against the other woman. Allegedly, the woman has repeatedly thrown drinks into Casey Anthony's face. And something tells me that without a restraining order, it'll probably happen again.

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