8 Ways to Mellow the Madness and Manage Your Dating Life

Jennifer Brown Banks


Let’s face it: sometimes relationships can be more “complicated” than a popular Facebook status.

In fact, what some folks consider as a relationship is more of a “situationship.” And things can get out of hand fast. Causing you to lose sleep. Somebody could ultimately get hurt.

With this in mind, before you lose your sanity, or lose the affections of someone who has the potential to have great meaning in your life, here’s how to proceed.

8 Ways to Mellow the Madness and Manage your Dating Life:

1. Establish dating goals

Just like you would with a job. Where do you see yourself in 6 months? 1 year? 5 years? Would you like to be married? Or are you merely seeking a warm body at night? Better decide, before the decision is made by default.

2. Be honest with the other people involved

There’s nothing that the average woman hates more than an unskilled “player.” Most women know when men are seeing multiple partners, and it’s an insult to our intelligence to be lied to or misled. Of course it’s not necessary to divulge all the details of your personal life, because it is indeed personal. But be a person of integrity and allow her to choose if she wants to play on the “team”, or throw in the towel. It’s only fair, and often prevents “fatal attractions.”

3. Know what you’re looking for

It saves everybody time, trouble and unnecessary heartache.

4. Don’t burn bridges you don’t have to

Sometimes we know relatively soon whether we click with another person, and whether they have that “it” factor. In the weeding out process, be kind and try to keep on friendly terms if at all possible. Even though there was no love connection, this could be the basis for a great future friendship. You just never know...

5. Keep your details in order

Make sure not to call out the wrong name, or confuse other important identifying details in interacting. This would definitely not be in your best interest.

6. Play safe to avoid potential danger

Multiple dating partners is all right. Multiple sex partners is foolish. But if as consenting adults, everyone agrees that it’s okay to spread their love around, at least wear protection.

7. Know what side your bread is buttered on

Of the people you are dating, no two have absolute equal value. Which could you call on if you were sick? If your car broke down? To share a secret? To fulfill your deepest needs and desires. Who ever that person is should receive top billing and prioritization.

8. Set a timeframe to make your decisions

Do this so you can know the joys of having one special “significant” other, and move toward greater intimacy in 2021!

Consider these sage words:

“Life is too short to spend it in the wrong relationship.”
~ Joel Osteen ~

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