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Texas Roadhouse San Antonio, Texas Restaurant Review

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In this restaurant review I’m gonna go over Texas Roadhouse located in San Antonio, Texas. Keep reading about the food, experience, and overall impression. Let’s go.

The Food

Texas Roadhouse is a steakhouse restaurant known for their various cuts of tasty steak. This is a review of the Loop 1604/Culebra location in San Antonio.

I have eaten here a handful of times and this review will share my opinion of the food and service.

My husband and I each ordered a sirloin steak. He had a 12 ounce sirloin cooked medium well, smothered with mushrooms, onions, amd jack cheese and gravy. His sides were green beans and a baked potato.

I ordered the 8 ounce sirloin cooked medium well smothered with mushrooms and onions with a sweet potato topped with cinnamon honey butter and a Caesar salad.

No starters and no dessert were ordered. We had lemonade and water for drinks.

His steak was delicious, according to him. If you order a steak there and get a choice to smother it, do it. The veggies and toppings add so much flavor and you won't be disappointed.

His potato and green beans were the perfect compliment to his meal. He ate most of it and took the rest home in a doggy bag.

I enjoyed my steak with sweet potato and Caesar salad. I get the salad ahead of the meal and eat about half, saving the other half to enjoy with my meal. The salad is fresh with light dressing and homemade croutons. The croutons are the best I have ever tasted and my favorite part of the salad! The sweet potato is baked, cooked perfectly and full of flavor. The cinnamon butter puts it over the top.

My steak is always amazing every single time. Never overcooked and always seasoned beautifully and so good.

They give you peanuts at your table which is why we usually don't order a starter. You also get fresh bread rolls which are slightly sweet and come with more delicious cinnamon butter.

With the peanuts, they encourage you to crack the shells and drop them on the floor. You can even do this is the waiting area where you can sit and wait for an available table.

As you walk around the restaurant you’ll see peanut shells everywhere and that’s really their unique theme.

Both our meals were amazing.

I tend to order the same thing every time and it's always great. My husband is more adventurous and has tried almost every cut of steak but the sirloin is a staple and one of his favorites.

If you want to experience their starters or desserts, both are delicious. I've had their chili before which is super hearty and flavorful. The onion blossom is done really well too. It's fried and crispy. It comes with a horseradish dipping sauce that pulls it all together.

Their cheesecake and apple pie are divine as well. You can't go wrong with either for dessert.

The Experience

I have a great experience at Texas Roadhouse every time I visit. I have never had my order messed up here and I’ve never had any issue at Texas Roadhouse. Make sure you arrive early to avoid a wait, which is common. They also don't take reservations so there is not much you can do avoid waiting other than coming early.

Overall impression

Texas Roadhouse is a 10 out of 10 rating perfect rating. Everything is perfect literally from the food, to the experience, ambiance of the restaurant and service.

If you have not eaten here, go here this week, or you will really missing out. This is the best steakhouse I have eaten at in my opinion.

If you are in San Antonio looking for a good steakhouse then check out Texas Roadhouse.

Have you eaten here? What did you think?

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