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Rum Shack Galveston, Texas Restaurant Review

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In this restaurant review I’m going to share my experience, overall impression and details on the food at Rum Shack in Galveston, Texas. Keep reading to get the full scoop!

The Food

Rum Shack serves a variety of different entrées, many of them seafood-based. My husband ordered a seafood platter and I ordered the blackened fish tacos. The seafood platter came with a variety of fried seafood and a side of french fries. It included coconut shrimp, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and fried fish.

My husband was very underwhelmed by the dish. The best thing he ate was the coconut shrimp. It was flavorful and came with a tropical dipping sauce that was out of this world. The rest of the food was ok and somewhat bland. He didn’t eat the french fries.

My blackened fish tacos I ate were one note. They looked beautiful but they were not seasoned well and although my plate came with three tacos I stopped at one taco.

I’ve eaten blackened fish, blackened fish tacos and fish tacos many times and they were all delicious. I’m not asking for a lot, just protein and veggies that are seasoned well. 

The fish could’ve had more blackened seasoning and it was topped with a fresh coleslaw which had great texture and tasted fresh but was also lacking in flavor. The tacos were made in a different way using corn and flour tortillas which I didn’t prefer. 

The flour tortillas were not fresh, meaning that they weren’t made in house or from a local restaurant or tortillerria. They tasted store-bought like you could get them off the shelf at your grocery store. The plate came with chips and salsa and those were good. I probably ate more of that than the actual main dish. 

I also ordered a small serving of buffalo wings in the Jamaican jerk flavor. I got six wings in a combination of drums and flats. The chicken was over cooked. The flats were definitely better than the drums which were almost inedible but the seasoning made up for it. 

I was licking the Jamaican jerk sauce off my fingers. It was so good.

I ended up eating all the wings along with my one taco and a couple chips with salsa which filled me up for my lunch. And for my husbands meal, he ate all of his shrimp which filled him up.

Overall we were pretty disappointed with the food.

The Experience 

We tried ordering from Rum Shack the day before we actually got our food. Their hours displayed on their website and online we’re totally off. We ordered within the time they were supposed to be open according to their website and online listings but when we called to place her order we were told that they were closed. It was pretty disappointing. 

Rum Shack is located in a busy area in a development called The Spot which looks like it’s an assembly of five or six different restaurants. It looks like a maze that can be walked through and it looks pretty fun and located right across the beach. It would definitely make for a nice experience to dine in. 

The parking area was pretty tight. We were lucky to find curbside parking which we needed for our takeout order and when we called the number on the sign, we were promptly delivered our order to our car within about five minutes or so, which was great.

Overall Impression 

I would rate the Rum Shack a 4 out of 10. 

Their menu is pretty large and they have a lot of different items that looked pretty good so I would definitely try it again. Because my husband and I were both disappointed in our order and didn’t finish our meal, that’s why I rated the restaurant so low but I would be up for a second try. 

If you happen to be in the Galveston area and you’re looking for a fun place to eat close to the ocean with a great view, the Rum Shack definitely delivers for that and I think the customer service was exceptional. 

Our order was correct, we didn’t have anything missing and we received plenty of sauces and silverware to go with our meal.

Have you visited the Rum Shack before? What do you think?

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