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River City Donuts Review San Antonio, Texas

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I’m excited to share this review in River City Donuts in San Antonio, Texas. Keep reading and learn about the food, experience, and overall impression. Let’s get started! 

The Food

River City Donuts is a donut shop located in San Antonio, Texas. Whether you have a cake donut or yeast donut, they have got you covered. Make sure to grab a hot cup of coffee when you stop by. It goes really great with their yummy donuts. 

These donuts taste like they’re perfectly freshly made every single day. 

I haven’t had an experience where I had a stale donut or a terrible donut yet. The flavor is on point, they have the perfect sweetness, they’re light and they don’t weigh you down or feel heavy and you could sit down and eat those donuts all day long. I could literally eat at least a dozen donuts in a sitting though I usually stop myself at just one donut, to be good..

It’s a real treat if you get to have River City Donuts. The location that I frequently ate at was located in the Medical Center near Callaghan Road and Babcock.

They close early. 

That kind of gives an exclusive feel like you’re missing out if you don’t catch them in time.

I have driven by so many times kicking myself that I missed them because it was afternoon and they had already closed for the day. Don’t let this be you. 

I believe their hours are until noon or 2 PM and it’s to be expected considering it’s a breakfast place although, a lot of donut places stay open 24 hours or late into the day like until 6 PM or 8 PM or later.

I only got the chance to enjoy River City Donuts a couple times and that was in part because coworkers decided to bring donuts in the morning. Their donuts were fresh, delicious and I loved all the different flavors they had. 

The best is if you get an assorted box with a bunch of everything, that way every donut it is a surprise. My favorite was their coconut donut.

The Experience

I can’t complain about my experience. Friendly staff, great prices, delicious food, it’s a win-win all around.

Overall impression

My advice to you is to hit up River City Donuts early. 

Again their hours are early morning to afternoon. This is a frequent place for workers to stop in at to grab a dozen or a few dozen donuts for their team before heading into work for the day. 

To ensure they don’t run out of your favorites make sure you order ahead or get there earlier in the day before 11 AM.

I rate River City Donuts a 10 out of 10 mostly for delicious donuts. 

This is our you believe one of my favorite donut spots in San Antonio. Have you eaten here? Comment below to share what you think.

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