Don’t blink: Watch this doctor’s car swallowed by sinkhole

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Your car is safely parked only a few yards from your building in one minute.

Your car then vanished totally in less than a minute.

That was an Indian doctor’s experience, as he filmed while a sinkhole appeared beneath his Hyundai.

An SUV parked in a society compound fell and plummeted into an ancient, deep well whose cover became loosened in the flood in a strange incident in rain-soaked Mumbai on Sunday morning.
Sinkhole swallows man's car.Twitter / SuboSrivastava

The car, along with other vehicles, was parked atop a well covered by RCC slabs that had reportedly been washed away due to Mumbai’s recent heavy rains.

Around 8.30 a.m., the event occurred in the Ramnivas Society on Cama Road in the Ghatkopar area.

Even though videos of the occurrence taken by locals surprised everyone, traffic police in charge Nagraj Majge was one of the first to arrive at the scene, according to local police.

The video shows the vehicle being totally pulled into the well, which had developed after the RCC slab had broken away and been filled to the brim after recent rains, resulting in a big sinkhole.
The car just disappeared in plain sight.Twitter / SuboSrivastava

In a statement issued this evening, the perplexed vehicle owner, Kiran Doshi, said his car cleaner alerted him that the vehicle had tipped dangerously.

“I rushed out to check it and right in front of my eyes, the vehicle was sucked into the well water in barely seconds, before we could do anything,” Doshi added.

The Mumbai Police, BMC crews, and others hurried to the scene, where they set up water pumps to drain the well.

"There was a well at the place. Some people covered it with concrete slab&started parking cars over it. The incident occurred due to land subsidence following rain. No one injured," police shared.

The group has ordered a crane to extract the vehicle from the well’s bottom, which is over a century old and approximately 40–50 feet deep.

“Whatever was destined to happen has happened,” Doshi said calmly.

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