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San Francisco man sets fire to an innocent elderly lady’s hair in muni bus

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This is why muni busses should NOT be free! On a San Francisco bus, shocking camera footage shows a man nonchalantly setting fire to a woman’s hair while she sits with her back to him.


A shocking video shows a man setting fire to a woman's hair on a San Francisco bus. Police blurred out the suspect's face, making it difficult for witnesses to identify him. The victim, described as a Filipino or Hispanic woman in her 50s or 60s, was assisted by other passengers. Police say their first priority is to locate the victim so that they can obtain witness testimony.


The man, dressed all in red, walked close to the woman who was gazing forward, obviously oblivious to what was going on.

The video, which was released by San Francisco police, shows the nasty youngster putting a lighter to the back of the woman’s hair for several seconds before moving it away to make sure it was still functioning.
San Francisco man caught on video setting women's hair on fire.San Francisco Police

According to authorities, the stranger’s hair was then “set on fire,” and she was assisted by other passengers while the firebug and two companions left.

Because the victim — described as a Filipino or Hispanic woman in her 50s or 60s — departed before police arrived at the bus attack on May 2, it was unclear how seriously she was hurt.

The police plea not only sparked fury, but it also perplexed many viewers because the twisted firestarter’s face was blurred, making it nearly difficult for witnesses to identify him.

On Twitter, one person remarked, “You want us to help you, but you blur out the thug’s face!” “If the attacker’s face had been shown before now, he would have been apprehended by now!”

Later, police spokesperson Adam Lobsinger told reporters at SFGate that their first priority is to locate the victim so that they can obtain a witness testimony in order to develop a case.

“It’s harder to do anything without the victim when we catch the suspects,” Lobsinger added.

He described the main suspect as a black youngster wearing red clothing and carrying a black rucksack.

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