Texarkana, AR

Texarkana, two for one

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About the photo: 01/01/1888, Texarkana (Texas and Arkansas), Date: Contributors: Henry Wellge & Co. Beck & Pauli, Copyright info: Public Domain, Source:

Texarkana, two for one


About the photo: 01/01/1979, Location Texarkana, In Collections: Roadside America in HD John Margolies Roadside America in High Resolution, Source: Library of Congress

Texarkana (Arkansas and Texas) is considered as one community but consists of two cities. The cities are joined by Stateline Avenue in the heart of downtown. If you were to walk down the dead-end street, you can see the historic federal courthouse and post office that is halfway in Arkansas and halfway in Texas. The fact is you can be in two states at one location, by straddling the states' border, having one foot in Arkansas while the other foot is in Texas right inside the post office. How neat is that!

Texarkana was established in 1873 at the intersection of two railroads. Located at the junction of Interstate 30 and U.S. highways 59, 67, 71, and highway 82 in northeastern Texas on the border of Texas and Arkansas. Texarkana was named after three states for its locale, being that it is on the state line between Bowie County, in Texas, and Miller County, in Arkansas, and Louisiana; because Louisiana's state border is merely a short distance away. Texarkana was incorporated in Arkansas on August tenth, 1880. As of today, the two cities are estimated to have a cumulative population of 67,592 people.

Besides the courthouse and post office, Texarkana, Arkansas, is also the home of the 1894 City Market, Four States Auto Museum, and has numerous parks and outdoor recreational areas, for walking, running, jogging, golfing, and the Petsafe JefFURson Dog Park. There are fishing areas also at Bobby Ferguson Park, and Millwood Lake is also nearby and offers fishing as well.

For those of you who have hungry bellies to feed, Texarkana also has an assortment of restaurants located on this side of Arkansas that are owned and operated independently, creating delightful and delicious sustenance for everyone.


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