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5,000 Percent Sure: The Escort Who Hired a Hit on Her Own Husband and Was Caught Redhanded

Fatim Hemraj
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Mike Dippolito first met his now ex-wife Dalia through an escort service in Boynton Beach, Florida when he hired her to perform her services in his office. The pair got along a little too well and four months later, Michael divorced his wife and married her.

Six months into the marriage, Dalia tried everything she could to get rid of her husband. Since he was an ex-convict with a five-year probation, she planted drugs in his car and called the police assuming he'd be hauled away to jail. When that didn't work, she tried poisoning his Starbucks drink with antifreeze.

Dalia stole $100,000 from her husband's bank account that had been set aside as restitution for victims of a telemarketing fraud scheme for which he had served seven months in jail. Dalia convinced Mike to put their house solely in her name. Once she had the money and the house, she told him she was pregnant with his child and persuaded a friend to pose as her doctor.

Dalia then reached out to her ex-lover, Mohamed Shihadeh. She told Mohamed she yearned to be with him and that she wanted her husband dead. She asked him if he knew anyone who could take on the job. Mohamed immediately turned Dalia in to the Boynton Beach Police, who decided to have a little fun of their own.

An undercover police officer posed as a hitman and met with Dalia in a CVS Pharmacy parking lot. She handed him $7,000 and told him to 'make it look like a robbery' while she was at the gym.

The officer asked Dalia if she was sure she wanted her husband dead, to which she replied “I am positive, like 5000 percent sure.

What Dalia didn’t know was that officer's vehicle was covered with audio and video recording devices.
Dalia in the car with the undercover officer.Youtube

On August 5, 2009, Dalia went to the gym and waited for the so-called hitman to complete the job. Meanwhile, officers filled Mike in on the situation and escorted him to a safe location. When Delia returned, she found her house cordoned off with yellow caution tape, the windows smashed in and police all over.

When officers told Delia her husband had been shot and killed, she began to sob and became utterly inconsolable. She was escorted to the police station where they told her to cut the act and showed her all of the video evidence.

At the trial, Dalia claimed it had all been a stunt by her husband for a reality TV show similar to 'Cops' and that none of it had been real. She denied ever meeting with the undercover police officer.

Delia was originally sentenced to 20 years but the conviction was later tossed out. A second trial resulted in a hung jury. Three trials later, 37-year-old Dalia was sentenced to 16 years at the Lowell Annex women's correctional facility in Ocala, Florida, for solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

She is set to be released on April 6, 2032.

Mike is now happily re-married. He received his real estate license and has paid off all of his debts to his victims.

“I finally got my freedom back. I have no legal issues, [But] I’m disappointed [Dalia] was so dumb to do what she did. Stealing is bad enough, but you’re going to kill me over it? You could have hired a lawyer and moved out. You would have gotten half of what we had and everybody would have gone their separate ways. It’s just insane. If you’re unhappy in a relationship, just leave.” -Mike Dippolito

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