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Has working from home officially become the new normal in Los Angeles?

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Imagine for a minute the following was possible. 

Rolling out of bed and going straight to work rather than sitting in traffic for an hour. 

Heading straight to your desk in the morning instead of searching for parking. 

Paying $0 for your daily commute instead of Los Angeles’s outrageous gas prices. 

Those things all feel more possible today than they did before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

How Covid Changed Work

Before Coivd, working from home was the exception, not the norm. 

Packing people into offices unnecessarily was a staple of Los Angeles for decades. 

The Pandemic changed that. Mostly out of necessity, but there is a chance the change can become permanent. 

Recent Poll

A recent CBS News poll offered some interesting insights into workers' thoughts. 

First of all, workers are very optimistic about the immediate future. 

Secondly, they are not overly excited about the prospect of returning to the office. 

Many Americans were forced to work remotely during the pandemic. Some are perfectly fine returning to the office. However, a majority of workers would prefer remote or hybrid work options. 

According to the poll:

  • 43% of workers would prefer to work from home. 
  • 31% would prefer working from the office.
  • 26% would prefer a hybrid working option. 

A Flexjobs survey found similar results. 

  • 65% of workers preferred to keep working from home. 
  • 58% of workers would actually consider finding a new job if required to return to the office.

Respondents cited the following as the top benefits of working from home. 

  • No commute
  • Saving money

They also cited a few challenges that come with working from home. 

  • Overworking/difficulty unplugging 
  • Distractions and tech problems
  • Finding reliable WiFi
  • Video meeting fatigue

What it Means For Los Angeles 

It’s hard to say for sure if Los Angles will follow the work-from-home trend. 

Los Angeles is an interesting place. Working from the office is very engrained in L.A.’s culture. 

Advances in technology make working from home easier. Also, younger generations place greater value on work-life balance. 

It will be interesting to see what wins out, traditional work culture or flexibility. 

My Thoughts

Obviously, some jobs will always need to be done in person. 

However, many jobs can be done more flexibly. 

Flexibility is going to be even more important in the future, in my opinion. Working from home or hybrid working will be Los Angeles’s future. 

What does that mean for all the huge office buildings in Los Angeles?

Will the new work culture cause people to leave L.A.?

Only time will tell. 

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