New York City returning to normal is not easy for everyone

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Covid-19 has caused problems for the entire world. 

But, some places were hit harder than others. 

In the early days of the pandemic, New York had it worse than almost anywhere else in the world. 

According to the CDC, there were 203,000 confirmed cases of Covid during the first three months of the pandemic. 

The fatality rate was a shockingly high 9.2%. 

Now with the worst behind us, New York is starting to reopen. 

But, not everyone feels ready. 

Going Back To Normal?

After more than a year of restrictions, New York is set to reopen fully soon. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that most restrictions would be lifted once 70% of adults are vaccinated

That should come quickly since 69.1% of adults have already been vaccinated

“The lifting of our COVID restrictions is a sign of how hard New Yorkers have worked to contain the spread of the virus and protect their communities. With numbers trending at record lows, it is clear that the vaccine is effective, and that it is an invaluable tool against the virus. While we have come so far, it is still imperative that those who have not received the vaccine do so, so that they may enjoy the state’s reimagined reopening to the fullest extent possible.”-Gov. Cuomo

Is Reopening Safe?

Some New Yorkers are naturally worried about the safety of reopening. 

Infectious disease expert Dr. Amersh A. Adalja attempts to put those worries to rest

Reopening “is the right thing to do. The percent positivity of COVID-19 tests is very low. The vaccine has accomplished its goal — it’s removed the ability of the virus to put hospitals in crisis.”-Dr. Adalja

Dr. Adalja adds that: 

“For the vast majority of people who are fully vaccinated, it’s completely safe and fine” to resume normal life. 

Safe Doesn’t Equal Comfortable

Just because something is safe doesn't mean everyone is comfortable with it. 

It’s natural for some people to be hesitant. New York had one of the worst peaks in the world, after all. 

Many people are more than ready for a return to normal. Some hesitant residents will take longer. 

My Thoughts

If you are one of the hesitant residents, that is ok. 

You are not alone, nor are you weird. 

Start small if you have to. 

Attend small gatherings only, or wear your mask. 

Whatever you are comfortable with. 

Regardless of what you are comfortable with, New York reopening is a huge step forward. 

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