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3 Good Taco Places in Bakersfield You Need to Try


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I don't know about you but there is only one red line for me: a taco should be soft.

As long as the corn tortillas are soft, the type of taco doesn't matter to me.

When it comes to tacos, there are a plethora of combinations and twists inspired by ingredients from all over the world. Despite the large range of tacos available today, there are a number of traditional tacos that you should try. From pork tacos like carnitas and al pastor to fish tacos and even vegetarian tacos, these Mexican tacos are full of flavor and tradition.

Tacos are one of Mexico's most common street foods, despite the fact that their exact origin is unknown.

However, nowadays, wherever we turn our heads, there is a taco place. And, for a taco lover like me, it is very important to find a place that makes a great taco.

For all of these reasons, this wasn’t an easy list to make for me. However, here are the three best taco places in Bakersfield, based on taco lovers' recommendations.

1. Nuestro Mexico Restaurant
Nuestro Mexico Restaurant
Nuestro Mexican Restaurant in Bakersfield, California has delicious Mexican fare for everyone to enjoy. At Nuestro Mexican Restaurant we are careful to use just enough authentic spices to compliment the high-quality ingredients themselves. We prepare your food quickly and carefully, so you'll never have to wait too long. Our cooks are specialized in authentic Mexican cuisine and are trained to carefully prepare every dish. Come and try some of the delicious fresh food with one of our famous margaritas! - Nuestro Mexico Restaurant

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • If you are looking for good Mexican food with a casual vibe then this is the place.
  • The food here is fresh and creative. And reminds you of Mexico.
  • The tacos have a super generous helping of juicy meat, more meat than any other taco place.
  • The plantain taco plate is out of this world! The flavor is incomparable, one of the best vegetarian tacos in town.

Price: On average, it's $35 - 40 for two people.

Location: 716 21st St Bakersfield, CA 93301


2. El Asadero Taco Grill
El Asadero Taco Grill
Established in 2020. A couple of months ago, we decided to move to Bakersfield from L.A. after finding a spot where to open our taqueria (taco shop) after many years of working for lots of restaurants. Finally opened our own place. After lots of people telling us our food is very flavorful and good, that maybe we are one of the best Tijuana style tacos around the town. - El Asadero Taco Grill

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • This place is definitely a hidden gem in east Bakersfield.
  • It might not look like much when you walk in but you can tell the owner and family love what they are doing.
  • Seriously delicious food. The tacos come loaded full of meat and guacamole.
  • The tortillas are super soft and fresh. Not to mention the tortillas that just melt in your mouth.
  • Overall, the best Tijuana-style tacos in town.

Price: On average, it's $15 - 20 for two people.

Location: 215 Niles Pl Bakersfield, CA 93305


3. Guapos Tacos
Guapos Tacos
At Guapos, We only seek to use the finest ingredients and spices to give our dishes the ultimate authenticity of your favorite Mexican comfort foods. We learned through friends and family that everyone enjoys their food to their own liking and that is why we accommodate all people whether they enjoy our food as is, customize their order, or simply choose from our 100% plant-based menu. Our signature plant-based menu offers a selection of 100% vegan items that will keep you coming back for more. - Guapos Tacos

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • Love the idea and all the options that they had a fully plant-based menu.
  • This place was great for Vegans and plant-based eaters! They have a specially dedicated plant-based menu that made ordering fast and easy.
  • Their tacos are simple, fresh, flavorful, and delicious.
  • Vegan shrimp taco is one of the must-tries.

Price: On average, it's $15 - 20 for two people.

Location: 2517 White Ln Ste C Bakersfield, CA 93304



The taco places have expanded rapidly over the last years. This list is but a few of the best taco restaurants in Bakersfield.

If there’s a good taco you would like to recommend besides this list of best tacos in Bakersfield, let us know in the comments below!

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