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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Alcohol Was The Reason For My Sadness


When I gave up alcohol totally, I reaped many health and psychological benefits. The most prominent one was getting rid of sadness and replacing it with joy.

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

Alcohol may make different impact on different people. Some people are more tolerant than others. My body did not tolerate alcohol nicely. Like any other habits, I tried drinking alcoholic beverages after 18 due to peer group pressure. My friends touted it a cool thing and made alcohol compelling for me to try it.

My first experience with drinking alcohol was awful. The taste was terrible. My body reacted to it badly. Friends were saying I would get used to it. Drink more often.

They offered me different alcoholic drink types. I tried drinks with high-level alcohol content such as whisky, vodkas, gin, bourbon and more. For some reasons, their taste did not appeal to me. However, I started enjoying the taste of red wine and beer.

Even though the taste of red wine and beer was pleasurable, they upset my stomach. I was having nausea, stomach pain, and digestive issues.

Most of the people in my circles talked about the pleasure of alcohol and its stress-reducing effect. Alcohol did not give me any pleasure. Instead, it was making me feel awful. I had no clue what I was missing.

I continued to try it for several years.

My preference of alcholic beverages turned out to be a glass of red wine after meals, as there were interesting statements about its benefits on heart health. I read about the key ingredient called resveratrol. The preliminary studies sounded promising.

Despite trying many types and ways of drinking acholic beverages, I couldn't get used to them.

Apart from digestive issues, the biggest problem was mood changes when I drank alcoholic beverages. While most of my friends were cheerful after drinking alcohol, I was feeling sad and pessimistic.

Alcohol was putting me into a depressed state. Depression made my life meaningless.

Day by day, I was feeling a deep sadness. Even the smallest things were bringing tears to my eyes. The more I drank, the more melancholic and pessimistic I felt.

The parties with my friends were not giving any joy to me anymore. Social settings lost their meaning.

My friends recommended trying the beer, which could cheer me up. I believed them and started drinking more can of beers when we met. I made cool beer as my main drink in summer. The taste of Heineken started giving me a little bit of temporary pleasure.

After a few months, I noticed a noticeable growth in my belly. I gained subtantial weight. My energy reduced and my fatigue increased.

My digestion was getting worse. Stomach pain and discomfort were driving me craxy. In addition to these physical sufferings, my mental and emotional state suffered too. My sadness increased substantially.

Everything was going wrong from all angles in my life.

What was wrong with my life? Why did I feel so awful after drinking alcohol?

One day I had an epiphany.

I noticed the main content of alcohol: yes, carbohydrates.

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

As mentioned in my previous articles, my body does not tolerate carbs. Alcohol is a kind of sugar. It is such an amazing sugar type that the body gives priority to burn it first. It went to my bloodstream very rapidly and increased my blood glucose.

On those days, I didn't have a blood monitoring device but from hindsight; I guess my blood glucose level was at extreme state due to the carbs in alcohol. Besides, on those days, 90% of my calories were coming from carbs. I was not eating much fat due to the fear induced by wrong information in popular sources. I unlearned them and relearned facts.

I heard about the addictive aspect of alcohol. Even though I got addicted to smoking cigarettes, I did not feel any addiction to alcohol, as mentioned in this article: How I Gave Up Smoking 40 Years Ago And Never Smoked Again. Therefore, it was easy for me to give up alcohol.

As soon as I give up alcohol, I noticed an improvement in my digestive system within a month. The pessimistic feelings dramatically reduced. Sadness disappeared and replaced with joy.

Years later, when I was studying the human brain from the cognitive aspect, I learned about the harmful effects of alcohol in the brain. The new piece of knowledge I gained from my studies helped me stay away from alcohol.

Giving up drinking alcoholic beverages was one of the best gifts given to myself. It was lovely to socialise with friends and drink socially. However, even a social drink was not for me.

I respect my friends who drink alcohol moderately. I mention the term "moderately" on purpose as some of my friends lost control of their mind due to the ill-effects of alcohol and misbehaved in some situations. They were not desirable situations in my circles. Those incidents dented our relationships.

I still enjoy socialising without drinking alcoholic beverages and do not drink alcohol for the sake of drinking it anymore. Giving up alcohol was another investment on my self-love, self-respect, and self-confidence.

A joyful life is more appealing to me than a life which gives me emotional ups and downs.

By quitting alcohol, I replaced a pang of sadness with pure joy. Life became more meaningful.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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