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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Is Your Morning Routine Bugging You?


I don’t know about you, but my morning routines change frequently. They are not set in stone.

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There is a buzz around, especially in social media about morning routines.

Some even use the term morning rituals.

In my opinion, every moment of the day requires some kind of routine that may support our goals.

Habits are important for enjoying our lives. They make it simple to make timely decisions.

Our brains love habits.

Do we need morning morning routine?

The answer to this question may vary. It can be a yes, maybe, or no, depending on our goals, needs, and desires.

I am not against morning routines. But I wonder why only morning routines are highlighted, instead of midday routine, or evening routine.

Some people passionately stick to morning routines. They spent hours to follow the exact routine because they believe that successful people have morning routines.

I used to have a morning routine influenced by successful people but ditched it.

Morning routines may work for some but may not for others. We all have different needs and desires. Our routines can be changed to serve our goals. In other words, they shouldn't be followed religiously like rituals.

My morning routine used to start with a cup of coffee and sometimes a cup of black tea. But I don't drink coffee and tea anymore. Even though I love the smell of brewed coffee and the taste of black tea, my digestive system does not like them. Coffee and tea turned out to be foreign substances for my body in my new dietary lifestyle. I am not against coffee or team. They just do not work for me.

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I used to have breakfast just after coffee. Based on my parents' advice, I didn't leave home without breakfast, and even I didn't have any appetite. But I don't eat breakfast anymore. My body does not need food in the morning. What is the point of adding unnecessary food to my body when it does not need it?

The reason I use coffee, tea, and breakfast as an example, our morning routine can change.

For the sake of routine, I would not drink coffee, tea, and eat breakfast. They don't serve my needs and goals anymore. They are out of my routines.

I don't believe the routine should be something set in stone. I read about morning routines of many successful people. There are a lot of similarities in the cited routines. Some routines resonated with me, but some did not.

For example, a majority of them recommended rising early. Even though waking up early in the morning can benefit some, it may not apply to all people. I know some successful people are not morning persons. Some people stay late, work until late, and they create masterpieces at night.

I keep adjusting my morning, midday, and evening routines based on my goals.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

My new morning routine starts with a brief hot and relatively long cold shower. If I have time, I meditate 20 minutes, but if I am in a rush to work, I stay mindful while driving or using the train to commute to the office. I sometimes replace regular meditation with mindfulness which works for me.

I used to go to swimming and the gym at 5 AM almost every morning but I cannot anymore. I replaced the gym with my simple home equipment. Sometimes I do weight training and sometimes gently jump on a trampoline. Rather than routines dictating my workouts, I listen to my body and act accordingly.

Yes, routines are useful, because we are habitual creatures. However, we need to use them smartly to support our goals; not just for the sake of routine.

If routines are boring, they cannot serve our needs. If routines are giving us joy, then they can be great.

Copying the routine of other people may not work and even may be harmful to some.

My approach to routines is I listen to my body and change them as needed.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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