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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

How To Switch From Ketogenic To Carnivore Diet


Keto is great but carnivore diet is optimal for me. It is a lifestyle choice. I explain how to swith effortlessly.

Photo by Irene Strong on Unsplash

Living health and fit is a passion for me.

I enjoyed the Ketogenic diet for many years. I still see myself as part of this lifestyle. However, I found the carnivore diet more suitable for my genetic makeup. I am still in ketosis. The only difference is removing plant sources.

The transition from ketogenic to carnivore diet was a breeze for me.

After trying many other diets, it was serendipitous to come across with the Ketogenic (Keto) diet.

The most significant contribution of the Keto diet for me was that it helped me become fat-adapted.

Fat-adaption was the foundation for my successful transition to the carnivore lifestyle.

Keto was great for me, but it was not the panacea.

Several years I tried Keto and enjoyed it immensely. I never felt hungry or moody on the keto lifestyle as my insulin was under control, and my blood sugar was at optimally steady levels.

Initially, I had minor keto flu symptoms like many other experimenters. As soon as I learnt the importance of dietary salt and supplementation of minerals like magnesium, the symptoms quickly disappeared.

Living in ketosis is terrific. It was a life-changing experience for me.

My body produces a substantial amount of ketones. Having an average of 1.5 nmol ketone levels floating in my bloodstream, I felt clear in my thinking, and my inflammation symptoms considerably reduced. Reducing chronic inflammation was a massive win in my sensible biohacking journey.

As the Keto diet made me fat-adapted, I felt naturally ready to try the carnivore diet. During that time, I did not know the name "carnivore", as it only appeared around a few years ago in the media. I called it an all animal-based diet excluding dairy and eggs — in other words, an all-meat diet including organ meats, bone broth, and mineral supplementation.

Moving from Keto to carnivore helped adapt near zero-carbs lifestyle.

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

Let me briefly explain how I switched from Keto to carnivore.

Through diligent investigations and many experimentations, my carb intolerance became evident.

I cut four primary ingredients from my intake.

  • The first one was removing all plant sources. I used to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. I even used to drink vegetable and fruit juices a lot. These juices were increasing my blood sugar and taking me out of ketosis.
  • The second action was removing all diary. I used to eat yogurt, kefir, butter a lot. I loved them but noticed that my body was lactose intolerant.
  • The third one was removing nuts. I was a nuts junkie. Almonds and hazelnuts were my favourites. I still remember the crunchy tastes but got rid of craving when I fully transformed into carnivore style. My body does not see them as food any more.
  • The fourth one was removing eggs. I loved eggs. Egg yolks were my favourite and helped me a lot when I was in keto lifestyle. I still believe that eggs are great and even fine in a carnivore diet, but unfortunately, I have an intolerance to eggs. This was one of the hardest one for me to remove from my diet.

When I removed these four key ingredients, I found myself in a full carnivore.

Carnivore diet was an initial elimination diet for me. After seeing remarkable benefits, I made carnivore as my lifestyle.

Let me explain what I eat on a carnivore diet to survive and thrive.

I eat 100% animal meat, animal organs, animal fat, animal bones, fish, and seafood.

My main diet in this lifestyle includes mainly meat, bone, fat, and organs from cows and sheep. I consume fish and seafood at least three times a week.

I learnt how to create a variety of dishes by using a combination of these food types. Like many others, I thought it might be boring, but the choices were more than I expected.

Never dull moments in Carnivore lifestyle for me.

Photo by Alen Rojnic on Unsplash

As a side effect, I feel delighted. My binge eating habits naturally, and effortlessly disappeared. It turned to a wonderful life! The carnivore diet has been the best tool for adding real meaning to my life. Wish I knew it when I was younger!

The main organs I include in my diet are liver, brain, kidneys, heart, and bone marrow. Eating these organ meats helped me get all the essential nutrition, minerals, and vitamins lacking in the muscle meat. Liver provided enough vitamin C, and I did not experience C deficiency so far.

Recently I am pleased that some leading doctors on the Internet support eating organ meats. For example, a medical doctor, Paul Saladino MD, calls this diet “eating an animal from nose to tail”. I found his messages about a carnivore diet on the Internet potent and an excellent confirmation of my carnivore lifestyle.

I am glad that there is a name for my diet now and many people are trying it and gaining benefits from it. It is now called the Carnivore diet. However, there are some confusions by using this name.

Some people think that the carnivore diet is only eating beef. I eat beef, lamb, goat, fish, and even duck. Besides eating meat, I boil cow or lamb bones in a slow ceramic cooker for 24 hours and drink a few cups of bone broth every day. Bone broth was remarkable. It helped me to fix my leaky gut. I shared my experience in this article on News Break: I Fixed My Leaky Gut With 2 Powerful Hacks.

Switching from Keto to carnivore diet was an excellent choice for me.

I still enjoy many benefits of ketosis. Removing from plants helped me recover from allergies and food intolerance. My brain fog disappeared. I live my life with a clear mind and in a balanced emotional state.

The best thing in carnivore lifestyle feeling satisfied at all times and never have hunger pains. Since my blood sugar is in an optimal range, I don't experience mood swings. Since my insulin is under control, I don't gain fat, instead, keep my lean muscle mass.

In short, it turned out to be a fantastic lifestyle choice for me.

Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

I have no regrets. I am happy, delighted, calm, and composed.

I respect all diets and lifestyles. There is no good or bad diet. We are all unique. I believe that we should choose whatever lifestyle suits our needs. My family members have differing diets. I support them, and they support me. Mutual respect is crucial in building sustainable relationships.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

I wish you a joyful and successful life.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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