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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

I Freed Myself From Inflammation, Back Pain, And Limping


I solved my back pain, got rid of limping, and reduced excessive inflammation. No drugs, no surgery, but just tapping into the healing state of the body. Spoiler alert: fat was the catalyst. by John Torcasio on Unsplash

I used to suffer from back pain, mostly lower back pain.

The pain and suffering were unbearable in my young years, I was only 18 years old, and my body was full of inflammation. In my early 20s, I couldn't move as much as I needed. I was not overweight but couldn't even tie my shoelaces.

The awful pain signals were waking me up from sleep. Restless nights were making my pain even worse. I family took to doctors and specialists. All they were offering me was pain killers. Those pain killers were suppressing the natural alarms of my body.

My body was crying and telling me something wrong, but I was shutting its voice and silencing it with medication. I was young and did not understand this profound point.

The pain continued over a decade. I thought I was disabled and would move anymore.

Several rheumatologists confirmed that this was chronic inflammation causing lower back pain. They prescribed me to use high dose anti-inflammatory for a lifetime. Each rheumatologist gave me different anti-inflammatory each time.

I remember names such as Celebrex, Viox, Voltaren; and there were many more. They offered me even stronger pain killers in injection form if symptoms got worse and stopped me from functioning.

These medications helped me and gave me a little breathing space, but they were silently ruining my health. I was getting worse and worse.

I never forget the last rheumatologist who confirmed that this was a lifetime condition and no cure to arthritis. He told me to cope with it and use my medication to keep my body moving as much as possible.

I started swimming, hydrotherapy, and gentle walks. These gentle exercises helped me a bit, but my pain never ceased.

Limping in the office and social environments lowered my self-esteem. I was trying to hide my limping as much as possible.

After this background, let me share with you six critical lifestyle changes made the big difference for reducing my inflammation and getting rid of limping.

  • Learning fat was not an enemy but a friend for my body
  • Managing blood glucose and optimising insulin
  • Naturally lowering cortisol, boosting testosterone and growth hormone
  • Cleaning my gut, improving my digestive system
  • Feeding my body and brain with essential nutrition
  • Removing all plants from my diet
  • Unlearning what I learned and taking personal responsibility for my health

Achieving these goals was not easy and took me over a decade.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

I made several lifestyle changes. Some of these changes were dramatic, some controversial, some unusual.

Let me share some highlights.

I managed the first goal by learning the importance of healthy fat. The catalyst for using fat as a primary energy source was adopting a ketogenic diet. Staying in ketosis reduced my inflammation naturally and much more effectively than painkilling medications. I shared my experience with fat in several stories on News Break.

I optimised blood glucose and insulin by eating one meal a day and cutting all unnecessary snacks. Intermittent fasting regime helped me discipline myself. Using this regime, I did not feel hungry. I did not lose muscle but lost a lot of belly fat.

Being fat adapted helped me lower my cortisol, boosted my testosterone and growth hormone. Smart exercises speed up the process.

I cleaned my gut using natural subtances. I Fixed My Leaky Gut With 2 Powerful Hacks. Removing carbs and fibre and replacing them with more nutritious fat and proteins made a tremendous impact on gut health and improved my digestion.

Most importantly, unlearning conventional health knowledge accumulated over the years from nutrition science books was a good starting point. Many of them did not suit my genetic makeup, and they were harming me.

I shared my journey in healing fro arthritis in a story on News Break: My Debilitating Arthritis Vanished. I became a new person.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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