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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

10 Articles Nicely Surprised and Even Shocked Some Of My Readers


I am pleased that many readers found my content insightful, thought-provoking, and educative.

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I am a new writer on News Break and enjoying the experience immensely. Discovering and meeting new readers each day is an absolute pleasure. I am grateful for News Break to give creators this opportunity connecting writers and readers innovatively.

The purpose of this story is to share preliminary feedback I obtained from News Break readers. Honest feedback and authentic testimonials are vital to writers. They help us connect with our readers and serve them better.

I value the views of my readers, therefore reviewed my reader feedback on my website today.

The main sentiment - not a surprise to me - was an instant shock that my readers experienced in some of my articles. They pointed out to be hesitant to click on my articles, thinking that they may be clickbait. But they were nicely surprised when my headings were actually delivering the promised message and accurate content per headings.

I want to share the most mentioned stories and why these stories created strong emotions for my readers.

If you read my articles, you may have noticed that I didn't recommend any of my experiments to my readers. I only point them out as personal stories. We are all unique and have different goals and various genetic make-up.

I know that experiments worked for me may not necessarily work for others. But they may work for some others. Therefore, I see value in sharing them. My aim is to share authentic and original content stemming from my decades of experience.

Some readers may find them interesting. Some may consider them as new options. And some may ignore them. Readers are my customers hence they are always right.

It is entirely up to to the readers how to take benefits of my content. I shed lights on darkness.

Let me provide you with ten articles which nicely surprised and shocked some of my readers.

If I read what I wrote now several decades ago, I would have had similar thoughts and sentiments.

From hindsight, I was naive and believed everything in textbooks. Now, I look at the world with fresh eyes.

Here are the articles that created visibility, provoked thoughts, and generated emotions.

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1 - I Used To Fear Salt, But It Is My Best Friend Now

Similar to my beliefs in the past, many of my readers thought that salt caused high blood pressure and even heart disease.

2 - Longevity Is One Out Of Many Benefits Of Sauna

The SIRT2 gene activation of excessive heat on dry sauna did not seem to be known by my readers. I am pleased that they enjoyed several other benefits of sauna and some even consider to include it in their fitness and wellness regimes.

3 - How I Freed Myself From Anxiety

Readers did not know we can actually tame the amygdala using our thinking brain (pre-frontal cortex).

4 - The More Fat I Ate The Lower Got My Cholesterol

Several readers believed that fat was the primary culprit for cholesterol.

5 - I Fixed My Leaky Gut With 2 Powerful Hacks

My readers surprised by the effectiveness of gelatin generated by delicious bone broth for gut health. This story received substantial views and was shared in several social networks.

6 - How I Managed Doing Less And Achieving More Productively

The common belief was we must work hard to produce more. They initially found this as a conflicting thought, but they were convinced with the demonstrated points I shared.

7 - When I Cut Fibre Entirely My Terrible Bloating Gone. How Naive Was I For Not Listening To My Body!

Many readers still believe that fibre is essential for living. I used to believe the same hence consumed an excessive amount of fibre in my diet. It was ruining my health. Living with a zero-fibre diet solved my digestive issues and gave me many health benefits.

8 - What Happens If You Have A 3-Minute Cold Shower Every Day

Many readers believed in the benefits of taking cold showers, but they pointed out that it is not for their cup of coffee. Taking cold showers helped replace coffee with a healthier option.

9 - How I Melted Abdominal Fat With Fat And Got Leaner

Some readers thought that fat would make us fat. They had difficulty in understanding carbs were the cause of my belly fat. I don't blame them because I used to believe the same thing.

10 - How I Trapped Toxins In My Gut And Stopped Bloating Naturally

Readers nicely surprised about the benefit of miraculous substance activated charcoal.

Sometimes small things may make a big effect on our lives.

Photo by Sharath Kumar Hari on Unsplash

Several more articles generated surprise and provoked thoughts for my readers, but I want to share them in another post to keep this article's size reasonable. My best piece on News Break from views and other stats perspective was the story titled How Did I Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss? and followed by How I Improved My Immunity With Wondrous Epsom Salts,

I am a new writer on News Break but not new to writing. Sharing my experience with others gave me distinct pleasure. The more I give, the more I receive. Reaching out to a new audience via News Break is my fervent wish. I believe my ideas and experience can provide new insights to my readers.

Authenticity is critical to my writing practice. When I said Sugar Was Killing Me But I Found Smart Ways to Beat It, some readers fully agreed with this. My content resonated well with them. They even shared their dramatic experience with suffering of diabetes. This type of connection is invaluable to me.

Many of my articles reflecting my personal experience went viral on social media. I also share my experience writing viral content in a story titled: How To Write Viral Stories In 7 Simple Steps.

I also write about my professional experience. Interestingly, I did not receive much feedback on my leadership and technology articles. Perhaps, they haven't been discovered yet. The only leadership article my readers mentioned in their feedback was Negative Criticism Will Not Kill You But Help You Grow.

Thank you for reading my perspectives and providing valuable feedback.

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