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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

3 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Get Motived At All Times


I learned that the best way to deal with uncertainty is to start with an intentional and deliberate action despite the fear and anxiety. Action is like pressing the start button which does the magic. I used to look for the solution in the wrong places.

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The only way for me to feel motivated is through deliberate action. Once this is step is taken the rest was easy for me. This proven technique is successfully used by leaders, entrepreneurs, and successful professionals.

From my experience, the biggest roadblocks to motivation are anxiety and fear. I couldn't be ready to start any worthwhile initiative without overcoming and mastering these two emotions.

I haven't come across a natural solution to overcome and master these two primary emotions other than taking intentional action. Action is a known and proven cure for anxiety and fear. This is well documented in the body of knowledge and effectively used by leaders throughout history.

I have never seen a leader and an entrepreneur who is not action-oriented

Action is essential and necessary for leaders because, as soon as we take action on a plan, the primitive brain is challenged by our thinking mind. The prohibitory brain chemicals may start losing power, and the other developed parts of the brain can replace them with stimulating chemicals.

This critical transition is only possible by taking action even if it is the smallest in size, such as a small step for a mundane task. This transition is meant to take us from our comfort zone to the growth zone.

You can consider the simple analogy of pushing the start button on a device. Imagine an electronic machine. You can think about it, throw it, or bash it with swear words. Whatever you do to an electronic apparatus, the device will not start working unless you press the start button.

The transition requires a simple act of pushing the start button.

Yes, it is stupidly simple, but many of us suffer from awareness of this simple approach, which manifests itself as procrastination, fatigue, and lethargy.

Any new initiative is perceived as a change in our lives. The primitive brain does not like change, especially when the initiative poses uncertainty. And we know that nothing is certain in this life.

I learned that the best way to deal with uncertainty is to start with an intentional and deliberate action despite the fear and anxiety we feel. Just pressing the start button does the magic we look for in the wrong places.

Data, information, and knowledge lead to experience.

Measuring the progress with feedback from the environment and actors of the initiative is essential to sustain motivation.

The feedback can be in the form of data, information, and knowledge. The feedback then forms experiences for us.

Based on measured and assessed progress, the next critical point is finalizing the action.

We understand the importance of starting and measuring. The next critical point is finalizing the action with an intentional decision.

Based on the feedback we received and accepted, we can undertake three practical actions.

The first and most important one is to complete the action with our capability.

We may change the approach along the way. We may deconstruct and turn them into multiple steps based on the feedback.

This action can be satisfying and give us more pleasure than the next two options.

Based on taken measures and feedback, if we are convinced and unable to complete the initiative with our capability, we may delegate it.

Delegation requires an assessment from pros and cons perspectives.

For example, we need to determine whether it is worthwhile to delegate it.

If we cannot complete the initiative ourselves and if it is not feasible to complete via delegation, the third option is to cancel it.

There is no shame in ending an initiative. If the initiative is not serving the purpose, we can end it. We shouldn’t see it as a waste of time and effort. Instead, we should see it as a lesson learned. We gained new experience from the lesson. Experience is an investment for our future.

This fast-failed experience allows us to unlearn and relearn quickly, which are potent concepts for sustaining motivation.

With this new experience, I keep asking: What is next? And I repeat the process to keep the momentum going.

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

The process is: act, measure, and finish.

The procedures are: do it, delegate it, or cancel it.

The act, measure, and finish approach can be applied to any initiative. This simple leadership framework can help writers who want to sustain their motivation and produce desired outcomes.

Being aware of prohibitory emotions and reducing their power with action is essential. Let’s keep in mind that our primitive brain does not like uncertainty and produces barring feelings. We will never be ready if we leave it to our primitive brain.

Unless we take intentional action, these disallowing emotions will prevent us from taking initiatives. They will manifest as procrastination, fatigue, and lethargy. We wrongly start looking for solutions in the wrong places and waste our valuable time and energy without gaining the desired outcomes.

Instead of wasting our time and energy in motivation building investments, it can be more productive to activate our dormant energy with a metaphorical start button. It can be the first small step that we take as an action to ignite motivation. As simple as the implementation of the phrase “just do it.”

In this article, I assume you are healthy and meet your basic survival requirements such as shelter, nutrition, sleep. There are, of course, deeper issues such as self-sabotaging and cognitive dissonance. I want to touch on these types of complex problems in another post.

In the meantime, start with one task, measure it, do it, delegate it, or cancel it. Keep repeating as many tasks aligned with your goals and values.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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