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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

My Fitness And Health Enriched By Spirituality


Spirituality helped me become fitter and healthier. Spirituality does not necessarily mean being religious.

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I became fitter and healthier by following spiritual principles. They are principles that I customised for my needs.

Spirituality is going beyond self and connecting with the bigger world around us meaningfully.

Mindfulness is an essential aspect of spirituality and touches the physical domain. For example:

  • Mindful eating
  • Mindful exercise
  • Mindful sleep
  • Mindful play

Mindfulness helps us understand what we do and why we do them.

Knowing the ramifications of our actions and not taking actions for required matters.

Spirituality touches every aspect of life.

We are connected with the universe in invisible ways.

We may not see it with our eyes, but our intuition is an indicator of our relationships.

Concepts like love, passion, empathy and compassion give us clues about spirituality.

No one can deny love even though we cannot see with our eyes.

Unless we have a passion for what we do, it can be challenging to achieve it.

Fitness is a passion for me. I love it. I enjoy seeing the progress in my physical, mental, and emotional life. And spirituality is the next aspect touching on the physical, mental, and emotional aspect of humans.

Let me give you one aspect of using spirituality in my fitness and health.

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The tangible example is intermittent fasting.

Not eating at certain times and eating only at chosen times make a significant difference for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Fasting connects us with the invisible part of us, which I call spirituality.

Intermittent fasting has been one of the essential success factors for improving my physical health, mental sharpness, emotional balance, and spiritual goals.

I want to touch on the spiritual aspect of fasting based on my personal experience. This aspect made a real difference in my transformation in finding my better self.

When I started fasting, I approached it scientifically. I aimed to prove the theories that I learned from the body of knowledge in physiology, medicine, nutrition, neuroscience, and psychology.

Before starting fasting, I read hundreds of scientific articles, research reports, and personal testimonials on fasting. I collected compelling pieces of evidence. Several of my mentors helped me create the foundations before starting the fasting process.

I had medical tests such as comprehensive blood, urine, and saliva tests. By recording these results, I created a baseline for my physiology. I knew this data would be critical for my plans and decision making. I also prepared myself to be fat-adapted using a ketogenic diet which created a transformational benefit for my physic, brain, and emotions. Another scientific approach was recording my thoughts, feelings, sensations, mood, and emotions.

I recorded my findings. My fasting journal provided me with useful insights to recognise the spiritual benefits of fasting in my life. I collected views of my friends.

I defined my own spirituality. I do not follow any established spirituality methods. However, I created my spirituality by integrating useful components from diverse sets of practices. It belongs to me. My practice of spirituality is finding creative ways to go beyond my identity.

Through fasting, I experienced the true meaning of going beyond my identity.

Through physiological changes in my body, I also sensed tremendous emotional changes such as vulnerability leading to spiritual awakenings.

While fasting, I tapped into my creative side of my mind.

Fasting helped me to re-experience my childhood sensations. These emotional changes were cheerful, joyful, uplifting, optimistic, and motivational.

Moving from glucose dependence and providing alternative energy of ketones to my brain, all my depressive, pessimistic, and the positive emotions replaced moody feelings.

As mentioned in a News Break story, Sugar Was Killing Me But I Found Smart Ways to Beat It.

Even though fasting caused some minor physical stress, I experienced alertness and pleasant sensations due to comfort from the empty digestive system and remaining in deep ketosis.

Fasting induced ketosis helped me stay focussed and mindful at all times. Mindfulness brought many by-products leading towards spirituality. I shared my views of mindful leaders in a News Break story titled Incredible Outcomes of Mindfulness for the Resilience of Business Leaders.

While fasting my empathy for people suffering from sickness increased.

I practice intermittent fasting in the form of a meal a day. A meal a day helped me taste genuine serenity in my life.

Through fasting I became calm, composed, and peaceful at all times.

I felt less troubled at the physical level. For example, small things stopped irritating me. My patience and tolerance levels remarkably increased.

These are some highlights, representing the tip of the iceberg from my experience of fasting to improve my spirituality. Intermittent fasting has been the most powerful tool to help me to go beyond my identity and practice my personally defined spirituality.

You can find my experience related to other benefits of fasting, for example, autophagy from the attached article titled How Did I Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss?. Scientists are conducting studies on autophagy since the 1990s. In my opinion, the most significant breakthrough was by the research of Yoshinori Ohsumi. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 2016. Ohsumi’s discovery was the explanation of the morphological and molecular mechanisms of autophagy.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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