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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Why Do I Care Reinventing Myself And How Do I do It


My personal point of view for the necessity to reinvent ourselves and my experience on how I reinvent myself to find never versions continually.

Photo by christian buehner on Unsplash

People around me pose questions like why I keep experimenting and trying to create new life hacks. My friends and family members are curious about the reasons I take a considerable amount of risk in my life.

Why do I care to reinvent myself?

I give them a sample answer. Because I want to find better versions of myself. To be able to find better versions of me, I need to continuously reinvent myself.

With each version, I find new meanings in my life. The meaning I discovered in iteration can create changes. Every change also contributes to the search for new versions of myself.

Change is inevitable. Everything in life, except the change, keeps changing. Therefore, e need to adapt to the constant change. Instead of random or ad hoc changes, I prefer making planned changes.

Creating planned changes gives a delightful sense of control over my destiny.

I make a conscious effort to increase the physical and mental load incrementally.

While increasing the physical and mental load, I consider the limits of my mind and body. I ensure not to exceed the capacity at a particular time, Exceeded capacity can induce unnecessary stress and cause an imminent crash.

When I learn to cope with a particular amount of load for a while, my capacity to care the same type of load increases. The new capacity allows me to add a little bit more load. This turns to a continual process.

The load can be many things such as learning a new skill, improving fitness, gaining a new habit.

As I learn and try new things, each increment causes some positive changes. These changes help me re-invent new versions of myself. For example, over the last decade, I experienced multiple versions of myself and immensely enjoyed each version. by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Inventing is also part of my professional life. I created several patented ideas. Knowing the invention process and applying it to my personal life makes me confident and keeps me motivated. Knowledge is power and applying the knowledge is more powerful.

Here are some examples in my re-invention agenda:

  • occupation,
  • hobbies,
  • relationships,
  • creativity,
  • physical posture,
  • flexibility,
  • speed,
  • strength,
  • sleep quality,
  • stress tolerance,
  • physical endurance,
  • communications,

and several other life aspects.

Let me share my unique approach to reinventing briefly.

I keep checking and extending my comfort zone. I operate in stretch and risk zones. I refrain from the danger zone. I don't want to overstress my body and mind. I will share the details of these zones in another story as they are comprehensive topics,

One of the essential skills is to understand the messages coming from my feelings and emotions.

I analyse my recurring thought patterns. When analysing my thoughts, emotions, and feelings, I give them labels. I check the messages from three main parts of my brain: the reptilian brain, limbic system, and the prefrontal cortex that is the thinking part of the brain.

I keep looking inside-out and outside-in to understand what touches me and at what level. I try to identify what t inspires me, what motivates me, and what influences my decisions.

Over the last 50 years, I learned that fitness and mental resilience are the most critical items in my self-development agenda. I want my body and mind to fit at and capable of adapting changes in my environment.

I keep experimenting with these two primary domains: fitness and mental resilience. Any progress in these domains brings me the joy of meeting a newer version of myself.

Learning more and knowing more about myself each day through trials and errors help me re-create newer versions. It never ends and I love it.

I am interested to know how do you reinvent yourself. Please comment.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

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