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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Who'd Have Thought Dry Brush Could Fix My Skin Problems


A Simple Tip for Improving Skin Health By Dry Brushing Itchy Skin

Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash

Undeniably, the skin is the largest organ in our body. It requires a great deal of attention.

Skin health is a broad topic. It touches many disciplines and domains covering lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, sun exposure, cleaning, cooling, drying, moisturizing, etc.

For many years I had skin problems. I asked for help from dermatologists and allergists.

The leading cause was my bad diet when I was younger. I used to eat spicy and unhealthy food. Excessive exercising was another contributor to severe symptoms.

The symptoms were mainly very itchy skin, so itchy that it was unbearable. Sometimes they were so severe that itchy skin was waking me up from my deep sleep.

I used many allergy medications, including antihistamines and ich creams. I had skin treatment.

Treatment reduced symptoms, but they were coming back.

When I changed my diet to a healthier version, especially after being fat-adapted on a low carb diet, most of the symptom disappeared.

Despite improvements, I still had itchy skins after the workout sessions.

One day I discovered dry brushing on a fitness magazine advertisement. First, I did not take much notice of it. Then I came across an article about the benefits of it in the same magazine. The claims by the author of the article were compelling.

The idea sank in my subconscious.

Interestingly, one day I saw a dry skin brush in our local pharmacy. The pharmacist recommended it highly. It was very cheap. I bought and tried it as advised by the pharmacist.

In the past, I used to scratch my skin with my nails.

It is an instinct, but it was a terrible idea for my sensitive skin. Scratching was causing skin damage and even some minor wounds. Healing of the skin was taking long.

The use of dry brushing for itchy skin solved my problem.

Let me explain. by Richard Mcall from Pixabay

Instead of scratching with my nails for a few seconds, I apply the brush a few minutes on the itchy area, and the itchy sensation disappears.

Scratching with nails can damage our skin. However, dry brushing addresses the itching problem without any harsh impact on the skin.

I experience that dry brushing can stimulate the nervous system.

It turned to an enjoyable experience to use dry brushing on itchy skin.

Furthermore, I learned that dry brushing could help our body detoxify by increasing blood circulation in the skin.

What I liked more was it unclogged pores and improved skin respiration.

After using the dry brush to address my itchy sensations for around six months, I noticed a considerable improvement in my body. I even brushed parts of my skin which were not itchy. It was a great idea to do it before taking a shower.

This practice took around a year. Nowadays, my skin is at an optimal state. I don't experience itchy sensations anymore. If I ever feel the urge to itch my skin, I use dry brushing on the affected area for a few minutes, and the symptoms disappear.

This simple tool and its customary use solved my serious skin problem.

Who'd have said a cheap tool like dry skin brush could solve my skin issues.

I wanted to share this experience because this simple hack made a big difference in my skin health.

After dry brushing, my body gets rid of dead skins.

I recommended this to my friends. Whenever they feel itchy, they use dry brushing rather than scratching their skin with nails. Many friends thanked me for this simple hack.

I introduced a simple hack to keep our skin healthy.

There are other solutions I used to improve my skin health.

In addition to dry brushing, I also use regular moisturizing with Sorbolene lotion with a little bit Vitamin E. Sorbene is a natural substance with low Ph. I find it even more comfortable than using water to clean sensitive parts of the body. I easily found this cream in health shops or pharmacies.

My other experiment for skin health was refraining from soap. Instead of soap or shampoo, I use magnesium sulphate water solution and exfoliate my skin with soft fibre cloth in the shower. This simple procedure helped me improve my skin softness and clarity.

I hope you enjoyed this story. I perform many fitness and health experiments safely and sensibly. I enjoy sharing my experiences with my readers. You may check some of my stories on News Break related to my personal and professional experience in fitness, health, and lifestyle.

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