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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Every New Year Is An Opportunity To Declutter


New Years may bring new perspectives, insights, and opportunities to enjoy life with less.

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As a minimalist with a spartan lifestyle, every new year I perform a total physical and mental decluttering for a joyful life. I want to share my experience because A cluttered life can stressful and unproductive. Clutter can be a roadblock to our happiness.

Simplicity can be more presentable than complexity.

Removing clutter is a simple performance booster for me. Getting rid of complexity and decluttering provides a sense of freedom in life. I even witnessed this in my writing practice.

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This article reflects my personal views and experience on the benefit of removing clutter in life with an example from my writing practice.

It has been a great feeling to reduce clutter in my life.

The taste of this feeling motivated me to pay particular attention daily to remove unnecessary things at home and in the workplace.

I learned a simple technique. by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

Whenever I look at an object in my home, my first couple of questions are:

  • “do I really need this item?”
  • “can I do without this object”?

Habitually, asking these two simple questions helped me to have an uncluttered lifestyle.

I use this approach in offices, at home, and in my car.

As the years go by, I have adopted the importance of the less is more principle.

Studying the principles of minimalism, my learning contributed to my diet, fitness, and health matters.

After suffering from the stress of initial workaholism and excessive reading diverging me easily to many unnecessary branches in my doctoral studies, I learned to achieve more with less effort and time.

The key premises were setting priorities, creating boundaries, maintaining focus and attention in a flow state.

These principles and newly learned approaches created a sense of freedom and joy.

Then I learnt to transfer this to my writing practice.

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I observed that the authors who gave me the best insights and appealed to me were those providing clarity and simplicity in their content.

I write mainly non-fiction. My content covers business, leadership, fitness, health, lifestyle, strategy, future, and technology topics.

Accuracy and clarity of message are essential in technical content. As a technology leader, I choose simplicity. The simpler my content the more readability it gets.

Writing on eclectic topics taught me that clutter could cause confusion. It can also reduce the impact of the message.

In my writing career, I made a special effort to cut clutter in my non-fiction books. My purpose was to maintain clarity,

My personal preferences in non-fiction books focus on three critical points:

  • clarity,
  • brevity,
  • and impact.
To maintain these goals, I removed unnecessary case studies, annoying fictitious characters, unnecessary hypothetical situations, and excessive historical information.

Cutting the clutter in verbal and written communication by being direct and to the point is the communication strategy that works best for me. My audience provided positive feedback on my written and verbal presentations.

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Many of my readers and the speaking audience appreciated this approach.

Now I am practising this technique for brevity in my writing on News Break.

I hope you enjoyed this piece.

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