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The Full Moon In Sagittarius Forecast June 3rd, 2023


There’s A Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius on June 3rd; here’s how it could motivate us to take advantage of opportunities.
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We have the Full Moon at 13 degrees of Sagittarius on June 3rd around 8:41 pm PST, 11:41 pm EST. Check your local time to see when this lunar event is happening for you.

As the spring is winding down, we get our last Full Moon of the season under the sign of the archer.

Also, this happens to be a Strawberry Moon.

The lunar event in June got its name from local tribes observing fruits starting to bloom.

Strawberries would ripen right around the time of this Moon and were among the earliest fruits of the year to do so. Therefore, this berry's association with the third full moon of spring makes sense.

Spiritually this might be when your objectives begin to take shape. So, there could be noticeable evidence over this period that things are starting to ripen, even if they aren't quite ready yet.

Because this is a Full Moon, there are two chart rulers, Jupiter for Sagittarius and Mercury, representing Gemini.

Jupiter will connect with Pluto in a complex transit that will cause us to look at superiority and greed. Arrogance and taking more than our fair share of the pie are problems that must be addressed. Additionally, this suggests that we must exert our influence, which may lead to conflicts with individuals who regard others as inferior.

However, Jupiter will align with Saturn in a harmonious transit that could help us blend our practicality with our risk-taking. Even though we’re weeks away from this alignment perfecting, the effects could still be felt since it’s an applying transit. For this reason, it could help us set up a foundation under this lunar event to ensure we bring abundance to our lives.

Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus could help us find alternative solutions to complex issues. We could have a eureka moment with energy like this resulting in breaking out of mental ruts and feeling reenergized mindset-wise.

There’s a T Square forming with the Moon, Sun, and Saturn at the apex point. For this reason, we could have moments where we need to put our ego and emotions aside to get things done and take a mature approach to our personal life situations.

Both the Moon and the Sun are making complex connections to Venus and Pluto which could reveal to us where we need to transform concerning love and finances. Energy like this reveals to us problematic conditions, such as issues with control and why we need to shift.

Luckily this Moon will connect with Mars harmoniously, allowing us to take action on our goals and have the stamina to move through obstacles like a pro.

The mutable signs will feel this event more than others; therefore, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, between 13 to 23 degrees of these zodiac placements, are the most influenced by this lunar event.

Check out the Sagittarius Full Moon horoscope for your zodiac sign.

Vibes For The Sagittarius Full Moon
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The vibes for this Moon reflect the odd transits occurring during this event.

Romance and emotional sensitivity will intersect solitude on the 3rd. Because some transits are ruff around the edges, we might feel triggered in romantic situations since we need more reassurance than typical. For this reason, we might need space to ground our emotions.

As we get to the 4th through 5th mental energy will intersect romance and emotional sensitivity. With this, we could be in our heads about how to solve the complexities of our love life, creating moments of blowing things out of proportion.

Sagittarius Full Moon Reflective Questions

Full Moons are cycles of completion during which we take stock of the past six months' worth of work in a particular sign. At the peak of lunar energy, we examine what we've acquired, things we need to modify to make them solid, and unhealthy habits we need to curb.

Remember what you've attempted to do since November 22nd, 2022, under the Sagittarius New Moon.

How has this sign’s energy manifested for you over the last 6 months?

The following crucial considerations will help you better weigh your options:

  • Have you noticed a shift in your beliefs or rediscovered faith back in yourself?
  • Have you learned to seize opportunities and take action on your hopes?
  • Did you embark on a new adventure that expands your horizons?
  • Are you getting in the habit of releasing self-doubt and directing your attention toward success?
  • Have you found ways to ensure you’re amplifying your life in a way that helps you diversify your possibilities?
  • Are you becoming better at looking at the big picture?
  • Seeing why it’s okay to lean into your fun-seeking side?
  • Ready to explore things beyond your backyard and see what the world has to offer?
  • Have you tried to become more cheerful and less pessimistic?
  • Realizing the trappings of taking things too seriously?
  • Understanding why humor is essential for your well-being?
  • Learned to explore uncharted territory through travel or research to gain more knowledge about things outside your scope?
  • Developed skills that allow you to talk with a broader range of people?
  • Have you widened your circle of friends?
  • Developed strategies to increase your level of freedom?
  • Have you decided to enroll in online courses, start a new academic program, or return to school?
  • Have you realized why it's crucial to loosen up on the rules regarding dating?
  • Recognizing you don't want to be burdened by excessive responsibility any longer?
  • Discovered you needed a life that’s free of limits?
  • Decided to be more spontaneous and take healthy risks?
  • Have you considered relocation to be in a city that’s aligned with your soul?
  • Started to broaden your view of the world?

Sagittarius energy gives us the green light needed to go beyond our limits and try something new in our lives.

This is because it’s a sign that gives us the light at the end of the tunnel after a rough time, so once we reach this vibe, it's all about living life to the fullest.

Under this influence, we feel pumped, allowing us to make strides and realize we could do much better than the place we’re in currently. Therefore, we work to overcome obstacles and connect with our true potential.

Sagittarius energy propels us out of negative loops that keep us small, so with this newfound enthusiasm, we soak up what life has to offer. Some of the ways this could show up are through finally booking that trip, hoping for opportunities, and learning how to have fun for a change.

We become hungry for knowledge with a vibe like this, so it also promotes broadening our horizons through education and learning from others with a different perspectives on life. All of this leads to letting go of rigid thinking and going beyond our own limited scope to experience universal truths.

Full Moon in Sagittarius Checklist
Sagittarius Full Moon ChartPhoto bySirius Software

Sagittarius is considered a lucky sign since it helps us look at things from a diverse lens leading to seeing all the possibilities and creating a sense that luck is on our side. Having this mindset allows us to attract beneficial opportunities to our lives.

Here are some Sadgy themes to aid in your personal growth:

  • We could all benefit from relaxing and stop taking everything so seriously once in a while.
  • Try to be optimistic and believe everything will work out to manifest great opportunities for yourself.
  • It's time to rid yourself of things that limit your growth.
  • Even if you’re nervous or feel underqualified, sometimes you must push past your fears and apply for your desired goal.
  • Consider ways to level up your philosophies on life.
  • You will eventually find your place in the Sun, so never give up on your hopes and dreams.
  • Pursuing rewarding experiences for yourself will bring happiness to your soul and help you discard self-doubt.
  • Becoming educated opens doors to higher perspectives and social experiences that feed your knowledge-hungry mind.
  • Connect with your adventurous side and explore things beyond your neighborhood.
  • Consider what kind of fun quest you'd like to take on.
  • We all have moments where things don’t go as intended, but all you can do is dust yourself off and try again like a relentless Sadge.
  • Concentrate on your expansive concepts and act on them to amplify your life.
  • It’s time to connect with your inner archer and aim your arrow at your objectives.
  • Pay it forward to others, and don’t forget to be generous with yourself as well.
  • Get moving and leave the house for an adventure to relieve stress.
  • Take a trip that advances your understanding of universal truths.
  • Recognize that your efforts will be rewarded, and broaden your horizons in every way you can

Let's spread magic like a Sagittarius wherever we go.

Have a wonderful Full Moon!!!

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