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June Horoscope Forecast For Zodiac Signs


Here’s what the month of June will look like for zodiac signs.
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June is a month with a bunch of astrological events.

Remember to look at this scope from your rising sign perspective for the best outcome. I also suggest using your Big 3—your Sun, Moon, and Rising—to better understand how this will affect you in particular.

You can also find this information using online chart calculators if you need more clarification on what your Big 3 are.

Astrodienst, Astroseek, and Astro Charts are the top websites to research your horoscope data. Or, if you prefer using a smartphone, the best apps to download are Timepassages, Sanctuary, and Astromatrix apps.

Of course, read this article whichever way you prefer, so if you’re more so into Sun sign astrology and identify with your solar vibes, then view from that stance. Or, if you are more of a lunar type, you could also use your moon sign.

Mutable signs

For Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, the month of June will be entertaining with 3 events in the mutable modality.


The month kicks off well into your season, allowing you to shine for your natural wit.

Gemini, this is a period to feel reinvigorated, which will aid you in seeking victory on your personal and other goals. In other words, it’s a time to get back on track regarding things to do with your appearance and connecting with your go-getter energy so you can pursue goals.

Because Mercury is entering your house of first impressions, you’ll also win over others with your charm. You’ll feel more confident in how you come across, so this is a time to present yourself with more self-assurance.

With Mars and Venus in the sector of your chart to deal with communication, thinking, local environment, immediate family, and how you absorb data, this is a time to feel more social and intellectually sharp. So, this could be an active time for your mind and social calendar. You could be more receptive in a way that allows you to get on other people's levels to communicate at the same frequency,

Romance-wise, this is a period to take action in your love life to ensure it's fulfilling and passionate. Some of this could come from exhilarating events in your city that have a bold ambiance and dramatic touch. Also, this could be a period of passionately connecting with a person of interest or spouse.


The Month of June will place emphasis on work and connecting with your spiritual side.

Virgo, this is a period to ensure you’re putting in the finishing touches on things that could help you advance in your career. So, whatever work you’ve been putting in, resume tweaking, or putting in an application, you’ll see that you’re making some traction in those areas. Mercury will also enter this chart sector, which could improve communication concerning your profession.

Also, this will be a time to get some notice from higher-ups in a way that will help you advance down the line. If you’re self-employed, this could be a phase of cutting out things that don’t bring a return on investment and also marketing yourself in a way that gets eyes on you.

Venus and Mars will traverse the portion of your chart to do with metaphysics and creativity through inspiration. In other words, it will be a time to take action on your spiritual goals and return to a flow state with your talents. Over this period, you’ll enjoy getting back in touch with mystical things, art, music, writing, energy healing, meditation, and other ways to connect with your higher self.

Romance-wise, it could be a period of craving a connection that deep and transcendent. Therefore, it's a time to ensure that you meet those you have a spiritual connection with or reignite an otherworldly connection with someone you’re currently with.


A month like June will be all about connecting with others and taking yourself to new heights.

Sagittarius, this month will cause you to focus on close relationships to see how you could bring fun back into those unions. In other words, it's a time to focus on the people who bring you joy because your priority from now on is balance in all your connections.

Mercury will also enter this sector of your chart, allowing you to have a better dialogue with others. Over this period, you’ll have more bandwidth to deal with all the social demands in your life. So, this will be a busy time of get-togethers and your phone going off the hook.

With Mars and Venus in the sector of your chart about expanding your horizons, this is a period to take action on things beyond your scope. Under this influence, you’ll feel more inclined to take risks, be open to opportunities, look into travel adventures, and become more interested in learning new educational things plus perspectives.

Romance-wise, this is a time to keep an open mind regarding love life scenarios. So, it will be a period to be more adventurous in pursuits, consider dating those outside your circle, and connect with individuals who share the same philosophy.


June will be a month to get back on track with routines, let your hair down, and connect with your creative side.

Pisces, the first half of this month will start off wrapping up things to do with home life, but as soon as we approach the 21st, you will feel energized to get out and lose yourself in fun antics. Under this influence, you feel the need to try new activities that will give you the sense of aliveness you’ve been craving.

Mercury will also enter this part of the chart, allowing you to tap into your creative self-expression. Over these next bunch of weeks, you’ll feel more in tune with your artsy side allowing you to connect with talents you’ve put on the back burner.

Even though it's a month about letting loose, you’ll also be concerned about getting back on track with your daily schedule. So, through this time, you could take action on things you’ve put off because you didn't have the energy for it. Also, some of this could help regarding work scenarios allowing you to come off favorably with co-workers. If you’re self-employed, it could be a time of lucrative opportunities.

Love life-wise, it’s a period to get back on track in the romance department. Through this period, you could work on ways to improve your dating life by tweaking the habits that prevent fulfillment. Also, it could be a time to enhance passion and intimacy in a romantic scenario.

Cardinal Signs

Between Pluto returning to Capricorn and Cancer season, the cardinal signs have a dynamic month ahead.


June is shaping up to be a very active and social month for you.

Aries, these next 4 weeks will have you expressing yourself comfortably, allowing you to come across to others magically. Under this influence, you’ll feel the urge to be more adventurous in your city and try out places with a sense of drama. Later in the month, your focus will be on home matters and how to make your abode more relaxing.

Mercury will also traverse those areas of your chart, causing you to crave mental and verbal stimulation. This is a month where you’re interested in conversations that are upbeat but also feed your intellectual curiosity. Also, you could find ways to feed your hunger for knowledge by scouring the internet for more details about subjects that interest you.

Even though some focus will go on your home in the second half of the month, it doesn't mean there won't be cool activities. With Mars and Venus hanging out in the sector of your chart regarding entertainment and leisure, you’ll be more in touch with your adventurous side.

Romance-wise, this could be an exhilarating time that allows you to let your hair down and take a more fun-seeking approach to your love life. It could be a period of ultra-passionate exchanges, meeting people with flair if you’re single, or bringing a sense of healthy drama into your committed union.


Happy birthday, Cancer; your season is soon approaching, allowing you to shine brightly.

June will be a month of feeling like you're getting the opportunity to focus on yourself while also gaining attention from others.

Because it's a phase to ensure you’re taking the time to be a little selfish, you’ll find ways to pour energy back into yourself. Some of this could be through self-care and returning to old aspirations you put on the back burner. Also, it's a period to leave a good impression on others that will help you down the road.

With a month like this, you’ll go from being introspective to feeling energized and ready to take action. Since Mercury will travel the sector of your chart to deal with self-motivation, this could be an excellent time to implement a good strategy for your goals.

Another cool thing about this month is you’ll be interested in taking action on things that build up your self-worth and self-esteem. Under this influence, you’ll look into reliable ways to healthily boost your confidence and focus on what's bringing value into your life. Also, it could be a period to ensure your earnings improve overall.

Romance-wise, this is a cycle of indulging in feel-good experiences and seeking more stability in your love life. It could be a time to go on dates that offer a sense of luxury, meet more consistent types if you’re single, and engage in more insatiable intimacy.


This month will be a nice mix of taking care of business, connecting with your sense of adventure, and making room for mingling with others.

Libra, this month starts off with the Sun in your house of seeking opportunities to improve your life. This could also be a period of looking into travel and the need for gathering with others. Later in the month, that focus will go on things to do with your professional life.

Mercury will also enter that sector of your chart, allowing you to think of ways to shoot your shot at big goals. Under this influence, you’ll be interested in educational things that can help you level up in all areas of your life. Also, it could be a time to connect with those who share your philosophies.

With Mars and Venus in the portion of your horoscope that deals with groups, you’ll feel more interested in taking action on looking for those who offer a sense of community. In other words, it's a phase to get into memberships, associations, and other social clubs that allow you to engage in activities with those on the same wavelength as you.

Romance-wise, it's a time to bring more novelty to your love life, so if you want to do something outside of your norm, this is a phase to take action. Because of this, it’s a period to shake things up, break out of a dating rut in your single, and go beyond your usual date night in committed relationships.


Over these next 4 weeks, your focus goes on routines, close relationships, and transforming areas of life that need to shift.

Capricorn, this month kicks off with working on your daily routines to ensure efficiency in your life. Some of this could be about revitalizing a regimen to ensure your feeling healthy again. By the second half of June, that shifts to ensuring balance in your tight-knit unions. So, it will be time to compromise with those willing and provide fairness in these exchanges.

Because Mercury will traverse these chart sectors this month, you’ll be able to get organized in these areas of life efficiently. This will be a busy time of social exchanges with those with whom you have tight-knit bonds, so it’s a period to nurture those partnerships.

With Venus and Mars in the sector of your horoscope to do with transformation and other people's funds, it could be a time of significant shifts in these areas. So, through this phase, you’ll act on behavior that keeps you stuck and improve your financial standings.

Romantically, it's a cycle to work on connecting more deeply and being more vulnerable than usual. Even though being emotionally open isn't something you’re into, it will be a phase to work on opening up in your love life. Also, you’ll crave more substance and intense intimacy at this time.

Fixed Signs

Four Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, the month ahead has a higher dose of action-oriented activities. With Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all in the fixed modality, June will be a month to enjoy yourselves.


The following 4 weeks will be filled with a focus on earnings, feeling more social than usual, and pouring energy into your abode.

Taurus, the first half of the month could be a period to indulge in feel-good items that boost your confidence. By the second part of June, you’ll feel motivated to express yourself more boldly and feel confident in social settings.

Mercury will also be in this chart sector, causing you to think of ways to use your talents to earn more. With energy like this, you’ll feel energized to take advantage of opportunities to be more successful. Also, by the middle of June, you’ll be more open to socializing.

Mars and Venus will be in the part of the chart to do with private life matters. So, it will be a time to take action on situations with family, those, who live with you, or friends similar to relatives. For this reason, some of these relationships could become more solid. This could also be a period to pour energy into beautifying your home.

Romance-wise, this is the time to seek more emotional security in your love life scenarios. Over the next few weeks, you could take actions that ensure you’re setting yourself up for comfort if you’re single or working on consistency in committed unions. Also, there could be some nostalgic moments or creating a sentimental setting in your partnership.


A month like this could create an interesting mix of being social, reflective, and realizing you need to focus on yourself.

Leo, with an odd mix of contradictory energies, you might feel all over the place, but you will find your footing. June starts with the need to mingle with your core group to participate in like-minded activities. Otherwise, it could be a time of looking for clubs, associations, or memberships to gather with those with the same interests.

Unlike at the beginning of this month, you’ll have a moment in the second half where you need space to sort out your own thoughts. Mercury will be in the sector of your chart to deal with taking space to understand your inner world and the unknowns, so you will use this time to be in your head and connect with your spiritual side. This is not to say you won't go out, but you will need moments to recharge your batteries and contemplate life.

Venus will enter the part of your chart to do with self-motivation and personal appearance at the start of June, where it will join its cosmic companion Mars. Under this influence, you’ll feel rejuvenated concerning your looks or might feel the urge to revamp your hair, skincare routine, and wardrobe.

Romance-wise, this will be a period to feel more magnetic than typical, causing your confidence to gain a considerable boost. Energetically, this is a time to enjoy leisurely activities in your dating scenarios, attract types with more panache if you’re single, and be more passionate regarding intimacy.


A month like this will help you shift from more intense things to a playful approach while making room to focus on professional goals.

Scorpio, you have a wide range of topics happening for you this month, so things will be anything but boring. The first part of the month has you examining ways to transform old patterns and letting go of things that dull your ability to shine. By the time we get to the second half, you’ll be ready for your light at the end of the tunnel and prepared to have fun.

Mercury will also traverse those areas of your horoscope, allowing you to clear away repressed things and work on better coping skills. As you get through the last two weeks of this month, you’ll be in the adventure-planning mode and ready to soak up some good vibes. Some of this could come through travel, so making a trip out of town might be in order. Alternatively, it could be about simply planning or attending get-togethers.

Under this influence, it's a month to focus on professional goals allowing you to take action on objectives that will boost your career. You’ll feel energized to make moves that will help you stand out from the competition and find creative ways to get your foot in the door.

Romance-wise, it's a period to invest in the right situations to ensure you’re not settling for anything less than the best. So, if you’re single, this is a phase to weed out the types that offer no value love life-wise. For those in committed unions, it’s a time to bring more substance to your union and connect on a deeper level.


A month like June will help you connect with your excitement-seeking side, see where you need to get back on track and focus on your close relationships.

Aquarius, the first two weeks of this month will be a period to seek exhilarating experiences. So, this could be about getting out more and participating in theatrical behavior in a good way. It might also be a time to connect with your creative side as well. Later in the month, you’ll simmer down a bit and work on your regimen along with things to do with work.

Mercury will move through these sectors of your chart, allowing you to make plans to do leisurely activities. Around the last week of June, you’ll get in the habit of adopting better daily rituals. Also, you might find yourself becoming more organized with work.

Venus and Mars will be in the sector of your chart to do with one-on-one relationships allowing you to take action on this area of life. So, through this period, you’ll feel the urge to connect with those you’re close such as friends, family, or a romantic partnership. Through this phase, you’ll be interested in bringing balance to these unions.

Romance-wise, it's a period to bring a sense of vibrancy and healthy drama into your love life scenarios. So, it’s a time to be more demonstrative in your love life scenarios which could lead to adventurous dates and passionate bedroom antics.

Have a fantastic month, everyone!!!

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