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The Sun Goes Into Gemini On May 21st, 2023


Gemini Season starts on Sunday; here’s how it could help us take a lighthearted approach to life.
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“Life without variety would be boring and stagnant.”

Welcome to Gemini Season 2023!

Happy Birthday, Geminis; it’s your time to shine intellectually!!!

As we switch from the Taurean season, which taught us how to unwind, the energy shifts to a more energized one.

And even though Taurus season might be over, we still have quite a bit of that sign’s energy around us, so taking a nice break when necessary won’t be an issue.

The Sun in the sign of the wonder twins gives us an ego boost when we’re connected to our intellect and allowing our witty side to shine. Under this influence, our natural curiosity motivates us to be more active, look for more stimulating social interactions, and permeate the atmosphere positively.

Gemini is the sign that governs communication, eliciting the urge to be socially active, which could lead to an increase in text messages, DMs, calls, or video chats.

During this time, we will feel a strong desire for verbal stimulation leading to feeling more invigorated when interacting with others. Therefore, we’ll actively seek ways to engage with others in a Gemini manner which is through humor and profound conversations.

Since Gemini energy has a way of disseminating talking points and being in the know, we could experience a period of compelling information.

Some of this could come from our social circles where there’s a lot of talk about the latest happenings around town and other people’s business. The business of others part isn’t exactly a high vibration, but it does fall under the neutral expression of this sign. Another way this could show up is through an enunciated time of news and buzz-worthy topics on a collective level and interesting data with all these Mercurial vibes.

In this energy, objectivity may seem more straightforward, allowing us to become interested in different viewpoints and how the other side of the coin functions. Therefore, even when we disagree or don't understand something, we often give other options a chance before making up our minds.

Gemini season also adds a playful tone to the air.

The desire to simply have fun, partake in outdoor activities, and to cast a wide net regarding our social scene will be strong. We could strive to be more outgoing, consider alternatives to where we typically hang out, identify a social scene that is more suitable for us, and be more receptive to making new friends.

Seeking variety will also be something we'll consider regarding increasing the opportunities in our financial, romantic, personal, and social lives. Because there are always other possibilities to improve circumstances, we learn not to bind ourselves to one thing in this energy.

Under this influence, we will feel motivated to explore our city more than usual.

Gemini rules our immediate surroundings and local driving, so this could be a period of appreciating what your town offers. It's essential for you to feel at home in your city and flourish there, so if you need an excuse to reacquaint yourself with your surroundings, now’s the time. And it’s also a period to discover places you haven't tried yet, but you’re curious about in your city.

Energetically, the urge to pique our curiosity through researching exciting topics will be potent. So, this could be a period to get in touch with our brainy side and stimulate our mind through learning all the things we’re interested in and haven’t had the time to absorb that kind of data.

Since this is the sign of the teenager, there will be a tone of youth in the air.

So don't be surprised if you start remembering things you did in the past and reconnecting with your vivacious, not afraid to let your hair downside. Returning to the things we valued when we were younger is advantageous because it is calming and gets us in an upbeat mood.

This energy lends itself to versatility, so we might juggle several tasks simultaneously.

The art of dexterity is a remarkable skill to learn because it teaches us how to multitask when circumstances call for us to be the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker simultaneously. Sometimes this can be considered a neutral expression of this energy because there are moments when we need to pace ourselves and do one task at a time.

And now, for the lower expressions, we could also run into snags anytime there's a planet sign combination.

Because of this, some people might have a low threshold for verbosity causing misunderstandings while communicating with others.

There’s a tendency to be overly energized under this transit leading to being more wired than average. Sometimes the abundance of energy could create moments of nervousness and anxious experiences.

Also, communication could seem more erratic than usual because this pairing enunciates issues by jumping from one thing to another, leading to scattered communication. People are left on read more frequently during Gemini times, so texting with others might result in a lack of response due to flakiness.

A lack of truthfulness becomes pronounced under this transit, so there might be times when others seem to contradict themselves. Since this sign's ruler, Mercury, is a trickster, lying and other forms of mischief become more prevalent.

Continuing with unconstructive communication, people tend to gossip, leading to an uptick in rumor spreading. As stated earlier, this energy can be a distributor of information, and sometimes that could look like other people's personal business, and with the lower expression, it becomes problematic.

It's also very simple to get bored due to the need for constant stimulation. And this could be a time when focusing on one thing will be challenging because of our propensity to multitask, leading to incomplete goals and unfinished books.

It's still an exciting time with many things to keep us busy, even with some of the lower expressions of this energy.

So, open your options, get curious about the things that pique your intellectual and social batteries during this Gemini Season.

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