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Mars Goes Into Leo On May 20th, 2023


Mars transits into Leo on May 20th; here’s how it could help us take action that helps us stand out in our lives.
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“I take action with flair because who doesn’t enjoy a little showmanship?!”

As we leave the nurturing style of Cancer, we shift into a dashing approach concerning taking action on what we want to go after in life.

One of the biggest bonuses of this pairing is that Mars and Leo go together like pizza and wings, so it’s one of those planet sign combinations that complements each other well. And the cool thing about that is that it helps us navigate this energy better than the previous transit of the last 6 weeks, so if you lost a bit of motivation under Mars in Cancer, this will feel invigorating.

Mars governs our ability to pump ourselves up and go after what we desire in a self-assured and decisive manner.

If you’ve been waiting for a boost to your confidence and enthusiasm, look no further because Mars, paired with Leo, passionately ignites us to chase our aspirations. A vibe like this helps us take the steps needed to see that we are worth so much more and need to step into our regal energy. And it pushes us to go beyond mediocrity because this transit calls for us to chase purpose and seek action-packed lives.

Since Leo is a fixed fire sign, we will also reap the benefits of persistence and having the drive to fuel us through an aspiration that requires staying power. So, if some opportunities or projects require a ton of energy, you’ll be able to push through and ensure it’s complete with a touch of flare.

Under this influence, we will also feel more at ease concerning putting ourselves out there.

In other words, Leo in this pairing could also help us if we’ve faded into the background too long. One of Leo’s many valuable lessons is that we deserve to take up space instead of dimming our light to make others feel good about themselves. Combined with a planet like Mars that aids us in self-motivation, we could get the urge to step forward and show what we bring to the table.

Leo energy deals with differentiating yourself and uniqueness and talents, so if we have to do tasks that require us to be the center of attention, it might feel simpler to seek the spotlight. With energy like this, we learn to be competitive with ourselves and others; sometimes, that could show up healthily, and other times, not so much.

Speaking of creativity, this could be when you express yourself, so we could feel motivated to use our skills boldly. Some ways this could look are through art, theater, our choices in style, or our hair. Therefore, these next 6 weeks of Mars being in Leo could help you kick-start inspirational projects you’ve been itching to launch.

Concerning love life scenarios, this pairing enunciates our passionate side due to Leo and Mars’s association with romance and intimacy.

A cool thing about this is if we’ve been craving a more playful experience in our love life, we can take action to ensure we’re having more fun in romantic situations. With energy like this, we could treat our amorous exchanges like a sport.

For those who are single, this could be when you’re feeling more magnetic than usual, leading to attracting new prospects that are fun and daring. With energy like this, it could be a time of meeting someone where things get passionate quickly. Also, even though there’s a chance of finding committed types, it might be a phase when you take a casual approach to dating.

With this energy, bedroom activities could be revved up because this sign brings out the highly intimate side of Mars, so don’t be surprised if hookups are steamier than usual. In terms of confidence, this is also great if you’ve been afraid to put yourself out there; Mars in Leo could give you the courage to approach your dating life more proactively.

For those in already established unions, this energy is excellent for bringing a more adventurous and romantic time to your relationship. There could be an urge to go on bold dates that bring a sense of drama to your night out in a good way. Also, this is excellent for revving up passion and participating in bedroom antics that are off the charts.

Socially, this could be an exhilarating time of going out to events or venues that fuel the excitement-seeking sides of ourselves.

There will be a strong desire to mingle, which might manifest into inviting people over and throwing a fancy party. With this motivating Leo energy, we often feel extra festive and throw stylish get-togethers. Also, energy like this pronounces the need to participate in bold things, which might involve organizing large-scale excursions, doing sporty activities, or other adventures.

Because Mars governs our temperament, we could experience moments of not letting others see us sweat. Leo is a dignified energy that doesn’t like to show its vulnerable side concerning allowing others to get under its skin or by embarrassment. So, we could be more rehearsed than normal if something bothers us.

Even though this is a Mars combination in a fellow fire sign, it could be slow to bubble over energy regarding anger.

This is not to say it won’t express when necessary, such as in scenarios when someone is directly being aggressive; that is when the temperament of this pairing will come out and challenge back. But again, it usually takes a build-up for energy like this to become rageful.

This leads me to the lower expression of this pairing.

Because of the “Never let them see you sweat” temperament, there could be moments when we aren’t expressing ourselves due to wanting to come off like we’re above it all. This could lead to stonewalling behavior that is, of course, unhealthy for loved ones.

Sometimes this might come off in a “You’re beneath me sort of manner” causing others to feel as if we’re behaving snobbishly. Another way this could show up is by acting prideful leading which could also create drama with the people around us.

An overly competitive side tends to be more pronounced under this influence, so there could be situations of trying to one-up others, leading to arguments. Also, due to this energy's commanding nature, we will need to be mindful of throwing our weight around.

In this energy, some people take action to get their ego stroked, but when that doesn’t get them the praise they are looking for, it could cause them to act immaturely.

One of the main things to be aware of is being overly self-assured to the point you come off as pompous. The great thing about this pairing is it pumps up our confidence so we can take bold action and lead a more exciting life. However, the lower expression leads to self-aggrandizement, so it’s something we’ll need to be mindful of during this transit.

Other than that, this is an excellent pairing; let’s use this vibe to become self-starters and put ourselves out there more so we can shine for our brilliance.

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