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New Moon In Taurus Forecast May 19th, 2023


The Taurus New Moon will occur on May 19th, which will aid us in seeing the value we bring to the table.
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We have the New Moon at 28 degrees of Taurus on May 19th at 8:32 am PST; 11:32 am EST. Check your local time to see when this lunar event is happening in your area.

Welcome to the first eclipse-free New Moon in Taurus; we won’t see a Solar Eclipse in Taurus again until May 8th, 2032.

This is because the Lunar Nodes will leave the Taurus-Scorpio axis in a few months and is far away from this event, causing it to be a regular New Moon instead of a Solar Eclipse. However, there’s a Full Moon that will be a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of the bull around November, even though the Nodes will be in different Zodiac placements because of its proximity to the axis.

Energetically, May’s New Moon is mixed-bagged due to the alignments occurring. There are some harmonious ones, but some harsher energies are going on in the background.

Venus is the chart ruler for this Moon since it governs Taurus. Even though this planet will connect with the Moon in a harsh transit, it will make a harmonious connection to Saturn, bringing in a sense of stability.

With Venus's alignment to the Moon, we need to be mindful of our emotions regarding love and financial matters. Some of this could lead to expecting more than someone could give romantically, and with finance, it might result in overspending.

At least the connection between Venus and Saturn gives us the opportunity to get back on track if there were slip-ups in love life and money-wise. So, even if we have a bumpy first half of the day, a transit like this stabilizes us so we can take responsibility for our actions. Also, this is excellent for committing yourself to the proper things monetarily and romance-wise.

A planetary aspect pattern I mentioned in the May 7th-13th horoscope called a Grand Fixed Cross will be present during this lunar event. For this reason, we might have to let go of old patterns before starting something new in Taurus energy.

For this reason, we could work through scenarios where our comfort zone has boxed us in, see where pride backs us in a corner, understand why turbulent behavior has led to endless drama, and why thinking rigidly stunts our growth. This pattern will be with us until June 5th, so whatever we’re trying to initiate under this lunar event might feel like it's not as easy to get off the ground.

Concerning the Moon, it will make challenging aspects for Saturn and Uranus. For this reason, our emotions might go from gloomy to over the top since alignments like this cause our moods to fluctuate.

Luckily, this Moon will connect with Mars, Neptune, and Pluto. With these configurations, we can take action regarding personal life matters, look into ways to get in touch with our mystical side, and research ways to improve our coping skills.

The fixed Sign, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 26 to 29 degrees, will experience this lunar event more potently than most. Also, the very early degrees of the Mutable modality Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will feel this more than others from 0 to 2 degrees of these zodiac placements.

Check out the New Moon in Taurus horoscope for your zodiac sign.

Vibes For The Solar Eclipse
Transits GraphPhoto byImage by author

The vibes on the graph are an interesting mix, but considering the energies of this lunar event, it makes sense.

Ambitious energy is the highest on the graph, motivating us to take care of important matters before we start our new journey in Taurus.

Emotional sensitivity and will intersect the ambitious vibes, along with steady streams of solitude, and mental energy. The lovely thing about this is that even though there are some more challenging energies, these ambitious vibes will help us push through.

And there’s a smidge of good luck energy occurring over this event, so it could aid us in finding beneficial opportunities.

New Moon In Taurus Reflective Questions

New Moons are about starting something fresh in the sign associated with the lunar event.

Generally, it's about taking on the positive attributes of the zodiac placement to improve our lives over the next 6 months. That way, by the time we get to the Full Moon in the exact sign, we can reap the benefits.

Interestingly, once we go to the Taurus Full Moon, it will be a Lunar eclipse, so whatever you’re beginning at this event could feel more potent than usual 6 months from now.

Therefore, around October 28th, it will be a period to move forward with what's working, put the finishing touches on something that needs tweaking, and step away from what no longer serves you.

But where would you like to see yourself regarding Taurus things by the end of October 2023?

Creating something solid in the sign of the bull:

  • Ready to develop more dependability in your life?
  • Looking to travel an easier path than the one you’ve been on?
  • Do you understand that you must care for your needs and ensure your comfort?
  • At a point where you’re ready to let go of those who create chaos in your world?
  • Seeing that you need to take steps to protect your peace?
  • Recognizing the need to create a plan to live a more consistent life?
  • Hoping to develop stronger connections with trustworthy people?
  • Looking to learn the art of patience and accept that sometimes things will move slowly?
  • Ready to learn how to say no to situations that cause discomfort?
  • Learn how to listen to your body and engage in stress-relieving activities?
  • Wanting to learn how to be more sensual?
  • Get to a point where you’ve built up your self-esteem and self-worth so you can have better standards for yourself?
  • Are you looking to earn more to create monetary comfort?
  • Doing things that align with your values?
  • Ready to become persistent on your goals?
  • Stop feeling guilty about enjoying material goods.
  • Are you interested in cultivating emotional steadiness, composure, and comfort?

Taurus inspires us to value who we are.

When we don’t understand our worth, it causes us to endure unacceptable circumstances. Under the Taurean influence, we choose self-respect over settling for less in every area of our life.

Because of the fixed nature of Taurus, we also learn why it's crucial to set boundaries and refuse to do things that make us uncomfortable.

To put it another way, we occasionally experience pressure to act in ways that aren't in our best interests purely to please other people, and as a result, it costs us. Therefore, this could be a phase of working on refusing to let others push you outside of your comfort zone.

Another important Taurus theme is the urge to live a more peaceful life over one that is turbulent.

One of its many excellent qualities teaches us to care for our needs, appreciate the little things, and refrain from pushing ourselves at an uncontrollable speed. Therefore, it's an energy that offers us the solution of why adopting a more tranquil path rather than always being on the go is sometimes the better alternative.

Under this influence, our focus goes on how to work towards bringing in more resources in our lives because stability and comfort also come from material gains and possessions. In other words, this lunar event could jump-start a new journey of increasing your comfort on a monetary level.

Themes For The New Moon In Taurus
Taurus New MoonPhoto bySirius Software

A lunar event in this sign will help us gradually build momentum and gain the staying power to ensure long-term comfort.

Taurus New Moon checklist:

  • Incorporate the powers of Taurean patience so you can stick to a goal.
  • If a situation doesn't bring value to your life, then move forward to what brings something to the table.
  • Don't allow anyone to push you into decisions you aren't comfortable doing.
  • Eliminate comfort that’s become unhealthy.
  • Be generous, but not to those overly dependent on you.
  • Let go of situations that are beyond your control.
  • Don’t allow others to shame you for enjoying predictability in your life.
  • Luxuriate, you deserve time to beautify yourself.
  • Get in touch with your goddess energy.
  • Become your own standard of beauty, self-worth, and self-esteem.
  • Make way for a new aesthetic in your life.
  • Don't be as movable; you have made your decision, and it's time to stick to it.
  • Create a space that brings you comfort.
  • Take this time to build a softer life that isn’t so demanding on your soul.
  • Be persistent in whatever you are trying to launch.
  • There’s nothing wrong with wanting to earn more income, so use this time to seek the monetary success you crave.
  • Never lower your standards for anything or anyone.
  • Seek emotional stability, peace, and security in your life.

Having a steady, calm, and fulfilling life is what Taurus is all about, so hopefully, this opens a new chapter that offers those things to all of you.

Have a wonderful New Moon!!!

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