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Jupiter Goes Into Taurus On May 16th, 2023


Jupiter will be in Taurus for the next year; here's how it could help us take a more practical approach to gaining resources.
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So long, Jupiter in Aries; see you in another 12 years.

As we leave Jupiter's go big or go home energy in the sign of the ram, we shift to a more tranquil approach to expansion in our lives.

Transitioning to a combination like this could cause us to feel like we’re decelerating on the high-octane gas pedal we’ve been on over these last several months. What this will do is give us the opportunity to catch up with ourselves and truly be in our body so we can experience life being more connected to our senses in a massive way.

Although taking a moment to stop and smell the roses could feel challenging, it’s necessary to ground our energies and rejuvenate ourselves from the burnout of Jupiter in Aries.

Jupiter, in Astrology, represents expansion, things in quantity, embarking on a journey, traveling, taking significant risks, and overestimating ourselves. Additionally, this celestial body governs faraway cultures, philosophy, beliefs, gurus, and higher education; we could take a Taurean approach to these themes.

Taurus is associated with how we earn money, possessions, values, self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect, consumption, reliability, sensory pleasures, comfort, and living a softer life. A zodiac placement like this needs things to be tranquil but also dependable.

Since Jupiter is a hyperactive go-getter energy and Taurus’s vibes are more chill, this pairing could run into some snags, but there are many favorable attributes.

Energy like this could exponentially boost our confidence since Taurus governs self-esteem, and Jupiter carries a convinced of itself kind of vibe. So, one thing is for certain; we’ll have no problem taking an optimistic and sure-of-ourselves approach.

With Taurus, we take action to create a softer life. Mars in Taurus helps us look at what we treasure and how to bring value to our life. We become motivated to make a strategy that gives us the resources needed to be secure and obtain creature comforts. So, this will encourage us to go out and build the kind of life that offers us sustainability on all levels.

Healthy confidence in us becomes more pronounced.

Under the vibes of Taurus, we work through our self-esteem and self-worth, so this could be a time you’re actively looking at ways to build up sureness within yourself. This will motivate us to only go for things that magnify our certainty and eliminate the situations where we aren’t valued.

Even with this level of assuredness and feeling like luck is on our side, Taurus energy does move slowly, so we’ll be able to pursue what we want but at a gingerly velocity.

But regardless, if things move at a snail's pace, the outcome is pretty grand. Under this influence, we will take more sensible risks that we feel are a sure thing, so the impulsivity we experience during Jupiter in Aries will dissipate. The good thing about this is we become more patient and are willing to pace ourselves to build better momentum later.

Taurus's hang-back approach, paired with Jupiter's need to go for the gold, could help us have better timing, that way, we’re going after the right goals instead of just anything. The incredible thing about this is that we won't feel so hasty and will be able to spot red flags in any possible ventures we’re hoping to take advantage of. Again this is a sign that needs stability and peace; hence anything that rocks the boat is a no-no, so we will be more deliberate instead of aiming our arrow in many directions.

Another good thing about this placement is that we don’t lose interest as fast in our goals.

Even though Jupiter likes to have many things going on simultaneously, it could be harder to multitask under this energy. But the cool thing is because Taurus is an Earth sign, burnout doesn't come as quickly as the other zodiacal placements, so whatever we’re trying to accomplish, it will be easier to persevere and stay the course.

Our thirst for adventure could feel more grounded due to the Taurean need for practicality. However, this is not to say we won't do something extraordinary. Still, our urge to be comfortable expands in this energy, so this could look like a glamping trip instead of roughing it or saving up money for a more luxurious excursion as an alternative to one that doesn't make us feel pampered.

Since this is a Venus-ruled sign combined with Jupiter, we could adopt a more open-minded approach to love-life scenarios. And regardless if you’re single or in an established union, this energy is excellent for over-the-top displays of affection.

Under this influence, we will take a slow but steady approach to expanding our love lives, but we’ll feel more free-spirited about our options. In other words, we’ll take a more hang-back approach before jumping into anything until we’re sure it's someone we can truly commit to.

For those in a committed relationship, this is a period of sensuality in your intimate life. So, romance could seem more passionate and extended more than usual. And energy like this allows us to be more insatiable than typical, so this will be fantastic for bedroom antics. Also, this could urge us to plan more romantic getaways with our partner.

Socially, this gets us interested in communication that's easy but filled with substance. In other words, we’ll want to engage in topics that don’t make waves but will be down for talking about things that stimulate our minds.

Another massive theme that will be present is the need to be celebratory. A pairing like this promotes the urge to celebrate even if we didn’t achieve something, but hey, sometimes you need to reward yourself with a friendly pat on the back. Some of this could look like throwing get-togethers with the finest food, wine, and other indulging ways.

Creativity-wise, this might be a great time for music. Taurus governs singing in Astrology, so paired with a planet like Jupiter that promotes creativeness, this could be a time when there’s an uptick of hit after hit songs.

Of course, there’s always hit songs occurring year after year, but there are specific periods when we get a massively good phase musically as a society. Also, some of this inclination for music could hit us on an individual level and inspire us to tap into those talents we’ve put on the back burner.

Education-wise, we’ll be interested in sticking with something comfortable for us. In other words, this will be a time to return to old teachings that we got value from.

With energy like this, our philosophies and beliefs could become more grounded. We could take a more easygoing viewpoint on worldly subjects, understanding universal truths and the opinion of others. However, this can be a neutral expression because although we might not shift our beliefs as much, we could become fixed in our views.

Earnings-wise, this could be a time to look at ways to scale up your income.

Obviously, there's a lower vibration, even for an optimistic pairing like this one.

Jupiter is ruled by the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius, so combined with Taurus energy, there could be a tug of war regarding making necessary changes, expressing anger, being fast-paced, and variety.

Taurus energy isn't looking to make waves; however, it doesn't mean that irritation doesn't affect this pairing. Combining with an opinionated and quick-tempered planet like Jupiter could result in things getting blown out of proportion or holding in emotions until they spill over.

Resistance to change and taking action can also be an issue within this energy.

The great thing about Taurus is that it can’t be pushed into a decision and won’t alter itself for anyone; however, there are times when we need to switch gears. We don’t always have the luxury to delay things, so it’s essential to be able to pivot when necessary.

There are also times in life when it’s a good idea to take some risks to get to the next level and boost our confidence. However, with a combination like this, we could feel stuck about shooting our shot at worthwhile goals.

A combination like this could also be problematic concerning overindulging. Taurus is about enjoying Earthly pleasures, and combined with a planet like Jupiter that also represents going after feel-good things, it could result in us overconsuming anything satisfying.

Arrogance could be a significant issue under this vibe, so we must be aware of coming off like we’re too good for things or people. A pairing like this could result in overinflated confidence and higher standards than usual, resulting in a problematic superiority complex.

Either way, Jupiter in this sign is a welcoming change of pace, so let’s take advantage of this slow but steady luck this pairing will bring us.

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