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Venus Goes Into Cancer On May 7th, 2023


Venus will transit into Cancer on May 7th; here's how it could help us realize we need relationships that offer emotional security and a deeper connection.
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“Short-term dating types need not apply.”

Venus will transit through emotional connection seeking Cancer, enunciating the urge to take our personal lives seriously after a month of keeping our options open regarding our relationships and careers.

With a pairing like this, it’s easier to show your emotions due to the demonstrative nature of Cancer.

In terms of romance, this is excellent if you want something serious.

Under this alignment, casual hookups are shied away from because the desire for a committed relationship will be more important than hooking up for the sake of it all.

Energetically, this aids in meeting people looking for a meaningful experience. So, if you’re single, you'll feel motivated to move away from the first-date-only types and work on eventually meeting someone who is a sure thing.

With this energy, poor dating will be a deal-breaker since this pairing demonstrates why we deserve a dedicated romantic partner.

A vibe like this helps us distance ourselves from those who can’t offer emotional security. Saying “NO” to something that lacks commitment will feel easier, allowing us to concentrate on finding someone worthwhile when it comes to dating.

Things might seem overly sentimental, romantic, and mushy for those in committed relationships.

In this energy, expressing our sentiments and being more emotionally available in the relationship come naturally. Therefore, we might be forthcoming about having in-depth conversations that deepen intimacy than usual.

Because Cancer rules these kinds of emotions, we might feel the urge to start new traditions in our relationships during this Ingress. Venus and Cancer together make for a charming but cool place in our romantic lives; with this energy, going on dates becomes sophisticated.

Hence, we might look for suggestions for dating spots that are elegant or a place with a beautiful ambiance that puts us in a romantic state. Energy like this puts us in the mood to chase a romantic experience that resembles dates people go on in one of those love story movies.

Our focus may return to things we enjoy because Cancer is a Zodiac sign that deals with the past. So, this is a period to do something nostalgic that you might have forgotten about or didn't have the time to indulge in due to a busy schedule.

Or this could be about reflecting on feel-good things with your current relationship or going out to a dating spot the two of you used to frequent. Another situation that could occur is that people frequently reflect on past relationships or old romantic ties return to complete unfinished business.

Venus is about how we adorn ourselves and spend money so we can have the urge to splurge on nostalgic items under this vibe.

A pairing like this is excellent for buying vintage finds and going antiquing. We might also feel the need to purchase loved ones' favorite items or accessories as a surprise. It may be appropriate at this time to simply show them small acts of kindness in return. Also, we could have the urge to buy our partner thoughtful presents and other things they'll like.

Since this is a cyclical sign, the urge to spend will arise, and the pendulum will ultimately swing in favor of splurging. And when this transit is present, we will inevitably crave the dopamine rush from buying things.

Venus in Cancer is about attending to our needs and regulating our emotions, so we will indulge in balancing our mood swings. Even though this is a neutral expression, it's a good idea to be careful about spending money on a small pick-me-up instead of using retail therapy as a coping mechanism.

But when this sign fluctuates the other way, we go into super saver mode, so we might do some much-needed money hoarding to save up for a rainy day. This is not to say you won't splurge, but you might be more frugal. Venus in Cancer must feel financially secure, so now is an excellent time to build your savings and have a monetary backup plan.

We might feel more motivated to pursue opportunities that offer more stability due to this Ingress. This energy is more interested in emotional security, but that doesn't mean it won’t be a time to look for career opportunities.

Cancer is a comfort-seeking Sign and may or may not always be related to career objectives; however, that doesn’t mean we won’t feel driven to earn more.

Money makes it possible to enjoy niceties, and since Venus is the planet linked to our source of income, we will have the urge for financial stability. A pairing like this promotes having resources for a comfortable place to live, money for nice things and presents for loved ones.

Therefore, during this Venus in Cancer period, we may feel compelled to seek a job that provides the necessary stability to live contentedly.

It's a great time to get social with the people you care about and reconnect because this pairing deals with family or friends who are like relatives. So, this next month our focus will be hanging out and reminiscing with our loved ones.

Under this transit, our urge to care for other people's needs becomes stronger than typical.

Cancer energy is about caring for ourselves and the people we cherish, so it’s a time to be more nurturing than usual. However, this can be a neutral expression because we need to ensure our boundaries aren't being overstepped and that we’re paying attention to those taking advantage of our kindness.

That brings me to Venus's lower vibration in Cancer.

Under this influence, we need our needs met more than usual. So, our moods could feel dysregulated if we’re not getting the affirmation required to feel secure in relationships or careers. Some of this upset might concern being thoughtful to others and constantly giving but getting nothing back in return.

As a result, we might react in a petty manner due to repressed disappointment and bitterness. It’s crucial to healthily communicate our emotions before they fester and spill out inappropriately, so try to express yourself healthily.

Venus in Cancer also brings up the past, as was already mentioned.

Due to this, past relationships, including ex-partners, can resurface, which is sometimes welcomed and other times unwanted. Or we might become fixated on our dating past and think that a previous relationship could work because of the lower vibration.

In either scenario, this could be a time when the unfinished business of an earlier romance needs to be resolved.

Variable energy is excellent for a windfall, but there are also times when it runs out. Due to the fluctuating energy of Cancer, combined with Venus, it could lead to fluctuations in our emotions and financial situation.

Because Cancer’s ruling celestial body, the Moon, goes through phases, we must be careful with our money. As this is a feelings-based Sign, we must also be mindful that we are not overspending due to our emotions.

Despite this Ingress's lower vibration, we still have the chance to enjoy this Venus placement's blissful aspects.

Use this to make your love life and finances more emotionally satisfying.

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